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Riverdale wrapped up the central plot of the sophomore run of the show on the show’s fall finale. 

When Riverdale Season 2 Episode 9 got underway, Betty and Archie were roped into trying to find Mr Svenson when it became apparent the killer was going to murder him.

Archie and Veronica on Riverdale Season 2

The Black Hood gave Betty the former janitor’s finger, so she and Archie started gathering all the details to find a way to save the janitor. 

They wound up at the asylum Polly escaped from on Riverdale Season 1. The woman’s answers were limited, but she noted that Nana Blossom was in on it from the start. 

The original killer was buried alive as opposed to straight-up murdered. Nana Blossom was slight with the details but noted that Papa Cooper was in on all of the drama and was present when the man was buried alive. 

This made Betty recall a picture she had of her family standing over the just-buried grave. When she found the picture, it confirmed where Archie and she should be looking: Pitchens Park. 

KJ Apa on Riverdale
(The CW)

They raced over to the park to save the janitor and called Keller on the way. When they dug the grave, however, they found it to be empty, and the killer emerged from the shadows. 

He forced Betty to bury Archie alive. While she was doing so, the sirens were heard in the distance, and the killer got ready to run off, but Betty gave him a good old whack with the shovel. 

She and Archie then chased the man, and he tried to jump into the Sweetwater River, but Keller successfully shot (and killed!) him. Keller then took the mask off to reveal… 

Mr Svenson!

Mr Svenson on Riverdale

What was terrible about the twist was that Archie has been going on for weeks now about looking into the killer’s eyes, so it was a bit nonsensical. 

During the mission, however, Betty and Jughead shared a kiss, and it was awful. It’s time for this show to ditch the relationship drama or it runs the risk of losing a lot of viewers. 

While all of this was going down, Jughead exacted some sweet revenge on Penny Peabody. He and the Serpents kidnapped her, took her to Greendale and told her to do business there. 

Jughead then cut her Serpent tattoo off of her arm before warning her to stay away from town. FP was mad, but he had to put it aside because his son was trying to help him out. 

Camila Mendes for The CW
(The CW)

Then there was Veronica who found out that her family owned the diner and that they had been lying to her all along. She got them back by spending $86,000 on Fred’s medical bills. 

Her parents then revealed all about their mission to take over Riverdale and let all of the drama go. Veronica officially joined her family’s dark side, before meeting Archie and rekindling their romance. 

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