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When the world learned that Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo split from her husband, the "she should have seen it coming" jokes were almost too easy.

But … some fans have pointed out that maybe she did see it coming.

Theresa Caputo Picture

Specifically, in a 2013 episode of Long Island Medium, when Theresa admits to having had a dream … that her husband was cheating on her.

Before we get to Theresa’s prediction, a quick refresher:

Theresa Caputo and her husband, Larry Caputo, have announced their separation.

They knew that fans watching Long Island Medium knew that things weren’t great between them, and wanted to go ahead and answer their questions with a statement:

"After 28 years of marriage, we have decided to legally separate."

Marital problems can happen after a few months or a few decades, folks.

But they’re keeping things positive.

Larry Caputo Image

"We will always love each other and our two wonderful children."

Glad that they’re thinking of each other and of Larry Jr. and Victoria.

"Please respect our privacy during this time."

Of course — you don’t show up when somebody’s buying groceries to ask them prying questions about their failed marriage.

However, we did learn more when Larry Caputo spoke about the separation.

"We’re having a difficult time," he told a friend of his on Hollywood Medium.

"I think a lot of the frustration has to do with us not spending time together anymore."

That can sabotage just about any relationship.

Theresa Caputo

"Along with that comes the lack of communication so it’s like losing your best friend. It’s hard."

Of course.

"As much as I try to busy myself so I’m not thinking about it, it’s still there."

And even as he was speaking to his friend, Larry was thinking of the toll that their vaguely defined marital problems were taking on his wife.

"I know it’s very trying for both of us. I don’t want to make it just about me. I know it’s the same for Theresa also."

Aside from spending time apart — which can be a real relationship-killer all on its own, we don’t know 

But, on a 2013 episode of Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo had a dream that her husband was cheating on her.

"I [dreamed] that Larry was having an affair. And I’m like, ‘Are you freaking kidding me? Seriously?’"

Larry Caputo

Now, we’re not going to tell anyone what to believe about psychics in general or about Theresa Caputo specifically.

There are people who believe in psychics, there are people who absolutely do not.

There are plenty of people who generally believe in psychics but believe that Theresa is a very charismatic, entertaining woman who in no way receives messages from the dead.

But it’s sort of entertaining that Theresa made this prediction about her husband, more than 20 years into their marriage, and shared it on the show.

On a sadder note, though, Theresa did at the time suggest that the two of them do couples counseling to work out any issues that they may have had.

Larry … opted for the two of them to go dancing instead. It sounded like he wasn’t taking Theresa’s dream very seriously.

In retrospect, maybe some counseling would have done their marriage some good.

And, especially if you don’t believe that Theresa Caputo has any special connection to the dead, perhaps there is another explanation.

Maybe Theresa’s dream about his cheating had less to do with predicting the future or the truth and more to do with underlying marital issues that her unconscious was processing as she slept.

(Again, we’re not telling anyone what to believe.)

Maybe counseling could help them now. Or maybe it’s just too late.

We don’t know what lies in store for the couple. And maybe not even Theresa knows.