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As Kim Kardashian herself has confirmed, the reality star and Kanye West are expecting a third baby at some point in the next few weeks.

The child will arrive via surrogate and the couple ought to be very excited about this blessed next step in their marital lives.

Instead, however, a new report alleges that the couple is actually very sad…

Kimye in 2017

… because their marriage may be coming to an end.

Sources tell rarely-reliable Star Magazine that Kardashian is thinking hard about breaking up with West and will likely file for divorce after her surrogate delivers the aforementioned baby.

For what reason?

Why would Kim do such a thing?

It all goes back to Kanye’s mental breakdown in November of 2016, an episode from which he hasn’t really recovered.

(Just think: when was the last time you heard a thing from the artist?)

“Between his raging ego and mood swings, Kanye has been a total train wreck,” the insider tells Star, sadly adding:

“Kim is stressed enough raising two kids and getting ready for the baby without Kanye dragging her down.

"She’s tried to hang in there, but she just can’t take it anymore."

If this claim is true, it sounds as though the stars are waiting to announce the split until after the beloved Kardashian Christmas card comes out.

A few of the photos in it actually feature Kanye playing with his kids.

Kim, Kanye, Kids
(Eli Russell Linnetz/@elirusselllinnetz)

The divorce, if it goes through, "will be all-out war,” alleges Star, writing that Kim wants Kanye to sign a “mid-nuptial agreement” in order to protect her assets.

Considering West’s rap revenue and all the money Kim earns from her many endeavors, the insider estimates that over $1 billion may be at stake in this split.

Talk of a Kimye divorce spread throughout the Internet in early 2017.

We were just a few months removed from Kim being robbed at gunpoint in Paris, followed by Kanye’s breakdown, and it appeared as if the pair would be unable to recover from these traumas.

Alas, they have remained together and have actually enjoyed a rather quiet year.

But that may change when the calendar flips.

Kimye Smiling!

If Kim does go through with her divorce filing, it doesn’t mean she’ll be happy about it.

She does still adore West, after all.

"This decision is agony for her,” the source concludes. “She still loves Kanye, but their marriage may be over!” 

Then again, of course, it may not be over.

We’ve heard chatter of Kardashian wanting to divorce Kanye before and the couple is still standing strong.

When will we believe that the break-up is real?

We’ll believe it when we see it, folks.

Kimye Smiling!