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If you thought that the long-simmering beef between Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin had finally been squashed, you better think again.

We have no idea why you’d possibly think that, since that beef is extremely likely to be squashed, but hey, that’s a thing people say.

Bone Estrada

Terrible intros aside, the former spouses are feuding harder than ever these days, usually about their co-star Briana DeJesus.

Javi and Briana are dating, after all, and with things heating up between them, it’s understandably led to some tension with Kail.

Lowry has questioned their motives, as well as Briana’s intensions, but Javi isn’t buying it, calling his ex-wife out on Twitter as a result.

According to Javi, instead of worrying about Briana, the mother of his son may want to keep a closer eye on her own inner circle.

Some of her supposed friends may not be loyal.

Specifically, Kail’s best friend Bone Estrada (we did not make that name up) was the target of his oh-so-clever tweeting wrath …

Javi Tweetin

Now, Kail and Bone are extremely close.

She is often featured on Kail’s social media pages, and has stood by her friend’s side throughout all the drama she’s dealt with.

Bone was there when she went to the hospital and when she legally named her third son Lux, who she babysits as well (below).

Given their history, Javi’s message about Bone is a little perplexing … but it may date back to previous drama between the pair.

Your friends talk a big game, but forget they are the ones that told me everythinggggg," he says, going on to make it clear who he means.

"No need to expose cause that shit is so old and for the birds. Let me go back to staying off this so no ‘bones’ are resurrected."

Bone and Lux

In March of this year, Javi and Teen Mom 2 co-star Jenelle Evans were both under fire after somebody leaked Kail’s pregnancy news.

The narrative that Jenelle tweeted out a faux-congratulatory message as a sly, passive-aggressive maneuver was widely disseminated.

Was that really how it went down, though?

Not according to Evans, who claimed Javi was the one who revealed it to the media; Javi begs to differ, but he doesn’t blame Jenelle.

Marroquin denies blabbing to the public, but says he found out about the pregnancy because one of Kail’s close friends told him about it.

He posted a screen shot of their text message exchange in order to make his point, albeit with the name of the other party redacted.

His recent tweet seems to implicate Bone as the one who also told Javi about Kail’s pregnancy, and implies that she talked to the media.

All very interesting, to say the least.

Kailyn has yet to respond to Javi’s latest salvo (neither has Bone), but we suspect it’s only a matter of time until more shade is thrown.