Derick Dillard: ROASTED By Fans Over New Haircut, Awful Diet

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While TLC fired Derick Dillard for his transphobic tweets against Jazz Jennings, fans can still see his haircut mishaps on social media.

And his latest haircut, though neither his longest or his shortest, might be his worst ever. Fans are roasting him over it, left and right.

Derick Dillard and Jill Dillard

We don't want to go so far as to say that the haircut is a divine punishment, but Derick Dillard's disastrous 'do could be looked at that way.

Even if it's not a preordained consequence of the awful things that he says on a routine basis, it feels appropriate in some sense.

We almost wonder if homophobia and some nervousness about women is behind the fact that Jill Duggar always cuts Derick's hair.

Plenty of people cut their own hair or their partner's hair, but they're being frugal, which isn't always the case with this couple.

As we saw when Jill and Derick shared those tone-deaf date night photos, the Dillards are not shy about spending money.

Even when it's funds that many believe to be ill-gotten from their dubious fundraising, they don't mind the bad optics.

Jill Dillard and Derick

So it may be that Derick is afraid of going into a salon and letting a woman who isn't his wife (some vile temptress!) get near him.

Or perhaps he believes that the not-unrealistic possibility of a gay man cutting his hair would test his faith in some way.

We're just speculating, but you know what?

We should also consider a less controversial possibility, that Dillard's bigotry isn't necessarily behind his weird haircuts.

Maybe he just likes letting Jill cut his hair, no matter how it makes him look, and not because of any personal beliefs.

Because, for all of Derick's many, many flaws, he loves his wife and it's something that they can do together.

The Return of Clean-Cut Derick Dillard

Again, this is just our speculation, but that's almost sweet.

Speaking of sweet, the "best" (worst) photo of Derick's new hair comes with him eating cookie dough (the best way to eat cookies).

In a snap that Jill shared to Instagram, the mother of Dillard's two young sons wrote the caption:

"My sweet hubby @derickdillard #livingontheedge eating some raw #cookiedough #lol"

And here's the photo below.

Yeah. His hair.

If you think that we're overreacting to this 1970s-era horror-show and merely assuming that fans had the same response, think again ...

Derick Dillard, Awful Haircut and Cookie Dough

Commenters wrote in with their thoughts on the matter, many along the lines of, "I'm sorry, but everything about this photo is creepy."

Many thought that he looked like a creepy uncle from decades past:

"I like this family but this guy looks like someone on the 70's show."

That's a reference to That '70s Show, and they're not wrong.

(Note, the emover that was so very fashionable around 2007 is not the same -- it had much more body and gave a more sculpted, sleeker look)

Other fans were even less diplomatic than that:

"Ahahaaaaaaaa! Cuz he is a SLOB!!!"

Der Diet

That last comment was less about Derick Dillard's haircut, we think, and more about his recent eating habits (see Instagram pic above).

Remember how Derick Dillard came back from his controversial mission trip, looking as gaunt as Jesus is sometimes depicted?

Fans were worried.

Now, he seems to be snacking on junk food exclusively. We all like junk food, but things like his corndog-and-twinkie "midnight snack" have fans feeling alarmed.

Catastrophic weight loss followed by binging on junk food can be worse than just binging on junk food alone.

We're not shaming Derick Dillard for his eating habits, just confirming that his concerned fans have some validity.

As you can imagine, the fan responses to the photo of Derick have now broken down to debates over Derick Dillard's transphobic tweets against Jazz Jennings and the trans community.

Those calling out Derick for his bigoted stances are themselves being accused of "bullying" by Derick's defenders.

While posting comments teasing Derick over his hair sounds like classic bullying, calling him out over his behavior is another story.

We don't see how pointing out that Derick's recent controversial statements are bigoted is bullying.

Because his statements about trans kids and about trans teen Jazz Jennings have been ... well, inflammatory.

Just saying.

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