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There was a time when Jill Duggar was arguably the least controversial of all her siblings.

While her sisters engaged in subtle acts of rebellion, such as wearing pants in defiance of the family dress code, Jill stuck to the "doting wife and devoted mother" role she’d basically been assigned at birth.

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But in recent months, a number of mini-scandals have irrevocably altered the public’s opinion of Jill.

First, her husband, Derick Dillard, was fired from TLC after making disparaging comments about fellow network star Jazz Jennings.

Shortly thereafter, Jill revealed a facial piercing in an Instagram photo that drew a mixed reaction from fans.

Just days later, another controversy erupted over Jill’s "tattoo."

The tatt was drawn on with temporary henna ink, but that fact did little to ameliorate the concerns of diehard Duggar obsessives who derided Jill as "worldly."

But despite Jill’s alleged vanity and superficiality, it’s the actions of her husband that seem to worry fans the most.

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Obviously, the bullying of a teenage girl didn’t exactly go over well, but that’s far from the only reason that Duggar devotees are critical of Derick.

Long before he was axed from TLC, Derick got into the questionable habit of asking fans for money in the form of online "donations."

He ramped up his efforts after finding himself unemployed, eventually getting banned from a number of fundraising sites.

Engaging in questionable practices the way he did outraged many fans, some of whom felt that Derick and Jill were taking advantage of them.

Even the appearance of seeking funds to continue living relatively lavishly without having to work for it was not a good look, to put it mildly.

So when Jill and Derick enjoy little luxuries that many young couples can’t afford, their social media followers are quick to call them out.

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It’s one thing to enjoy the finer things in life … and another to use ill-gotten funds to enjoy those finer things and throw it in people’s faces.

Over the weekend, Jill and Derick enjoyed a date night at a local restaurant, which again, doesn’t sound like a big deal without context.

Knowing what they do, however, many of their social media followers were quick to find fault with photos from the evening.

As you can see, the Dillards brought one of their two children with them, and the relative weirdness of that decision alone raised eyebrows.

But most focused on blasting Jill and Der for being reckless with their cash despite their supposed destitution.

"Did y’all pay for that with your Go Fund Me money?” wrote one fan.

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“These people supposedly from the show so why start a Go Fund Me page?” asked another.

Other commenters focused on the Duggars’ bigoted belief system (another inconvenient truth about their lives). Remarked one follower:

“Are you sure you should be eating out? A homosexual may have made the sundae or own the restaurant."

Obviously, it’s all relative.

Jill and Derick Dillard aren’t exactly rolling down the street in a Rolls or hopping on private jets to snack on caviar in Paris.

But when donations from hard-working fans make up a large chunk of your income, every expenditure is subject to intense scrutiny.

Deception aside, the revelation that Derick is a bigoted bully surely has some folks wishing they could get their money back.

Unfortunately, venting in the comments of the couple’s social media posts may be fans’ only recourse when it comes to this.

With the future of Counting On in limbo at TLC, something tells us the Dillards won’t be issuing refunds anytime soon.