Demi Lovato Slams Time Magazine for Honoring Donald Trump

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Demi Lovato has a few questions for Time Magazine.

But the singer's issues with the publication can best be summed up by a single inquiry, one comprised of three letters:


Demi Lovato Goes Emo

On Wednesday, Time editors declared their Person of the Year to actually be a bunch of brave people.

Referring to the countless women who have comprised the ongoing #MeToo movement, Time recognized the "Silence Breakers" that have spoken out against sexual assault and harassment.

These "Silent Breakers" include stars such as Taylor Swift and Ashley Judd, along with lesser known victims around the country.

Said editor-in-chief Edward   in explaining why his magazine made this selection:

“This is the fastest moving social change that we’ve seen in decades and it began with individual acts of courage of hundreds of women, and some men, too, who came forward to tell their own stories of sexual harassment and assault."

We totally agree.

It's nearly impossible to find fault in this decision, right?

But here's the thing:

Donald Trump was named runner-up.

The President (who took home the distinction in 2016) clearly made a huge impact on the world over the past 12 months... but he's also been accused of sexual assault himself.

But over a dozen women.

So Lovato is curious how and why Time honored victims of sexual misconduct, while also honoring a man who likely committed an assortment of similar crimes.

"I’ve become less vocal about my distain for certain people over the past year because it only divides our country even more but this is worth speaking up about," Lovato explained in the first of three Tweets on the topic, adding:

"@TIME mag - very disappointed in your hypocrisy and disrespect toward the women on your cover...

"To be named POTY by @TIME it should be for doing something positive or brave LIKE the women on the cover. It’s annoying that it’s just about impact on the news...

"Time mag highlights brave women coming forward against sexual assault on the cover but names a man with sexual assault allegations against him runner up to person of the year..

"Really @TIME? #hypocrites."

demi tweet mesages

Felsenthal did actually address his reasoning for why Trump earned the number-two spot on his list.

He told Today yesterday morning:

"He’s No. 2 on our list because he has changed the very nature of the presidency and the way the White House functions.

"He is on the verge of a first major legislative victory, he’s reshaping the judiciary [system], and aggressively rolling back regulations. The tweet that he sent wasn’t correct.

"In fact, we did the photo shoot for the reveal we’re about to [show] five days before the tweet. We didn’t say ‘probably,’ but you know how it goes."

Ah, yes, the Tweet.

Late last month, Trump brought up the Person of the Year debate and Tweeted that the magazine told him he was "probably” going to win.

“But I would have to agree to an interview and a major photo shoot," he added. "I said probably is no good and took a pass. Thanks anyway."

The President was roundly mocked for this lie statement.

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