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In July, Chester Bennington committed suicide.

The loss of the Linkin Park frontman was felt across the music industry, as various artists and stars reacted in shock to Bennington tragically hanging himself at home.

Chester Bennington, Shared by Jared Leto

The singer had struggled with depression and addiction throughout his life, largely related to being sexually abused as a child.

Still, those close to the star say there were no signs of sadness or hints of suicidal tendencies leading up to his death.

However, the recent release of a toxicology report proved that drugs and alcohol were in Bennington’s system when he killed himself.

Moreover, TMZ reported on Wednesday that Bennington had previously attempted suicide.

In November of last year, the singer got wasted… hog-tied his own arms and legs… and leaped into his pool in an attempt to drown himself.

Insiders told the celebrity gossip site that this incident was redacted from the original coroner’s report at the request of Bennington’s widow, Talinda.

Which makes sense, right?

Why expose such a horrible story to Bennington’s children?

Chester Bennington of Linkin Park

The coroner’s office was reportedly split on whether they could or should redact such information, but Talinda cited “marital privilege" as the basis for her ask.

It was originally fulfilled, but then TMZ went ahead and revealed the significant tidbit anyway.

And Talinda is understandably PISSED about the article.

After the retracted information was made public, Talinda Tweeted the following:

“Fun fact- When your husband dies by suicide, the LA County Coroner’s office will PARAPHRASE your private conversation with them to dramatize and sensationalize the story and then SCUMBAG FILTH like TMZ post it for the world to feast on.

"It was redacted to protect all the kids!"

Holding nothing back, Bennington’s widow added:

"And now I get to go pull my 11 yr old out of school- because all the kids can use their phones at lunch-to be the first to tell him what REALLY happened in Nov.

"Thanks again to SCUMBAG reporting. FUCK YOU TMZ."

Chester Wife

The autopsy – which was NOT released in full over the summer – stated Bennington’s official cause of death was suicide by hanging.

It added that the Linkin Park singer had a “history of suicidal ideation.”

The document also detailed an account of Bennington drunkenly threatening to kill himself in 2006, prior to leaving his house with a gun.

It will be interesting to see if TMZ’s actions affect its traffic or bottom line at all.

Because many Twitter users are quite peeved at the outlet. To wit:

The duty of good journalists isn’t to make news for making money on someones tragedy. @TMZ journalists, screw you, do you have a family????

Do you have parents, friends, childeren? Put yourselves in position of Chester’s wife and their kids? You are so cruel.

The website has not yet commented on this controversy.