Chester Bennington Hog-Tied, Attempted to Drown Himself Prior to Suicide

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Back in July, the music world was stunned by the death of Chester Bennington, singer for the wildly successful rap/rock band Linkin Park.

Authorities quickly determined that Bennington had taken his own life, but for his fans and loved ones, many questions still remained.

Chester Bennington, Shared by Jared Leto

Bennington had struggled with depression and addiction throughout his life, and sadly it seems his demons overpowered him in the end.

While we may never understand exactly what he was going through in his final days, today saw two new revelations that provide insight into Chester's valiant struggle.

First, we learned that while drugs were found in Bennington's system after his death, medical examiners do not believe he was intoxicated when he hung himself.

Moments ago, a second report by TMZ shed new light on Bennington's mindset toward the end of his life.

According to the site, Bennington's hanging was not the singer's first attempt at taking his own life.

Chester Bennington in Concert

Just months prior, Bennington got drunk, hog-tied his own arms and legs, and jumped into his pool in an attempt to drown himself.

Sources say the incident was redacted from the original coroner's report at the request of Bennington's widow, Talinda.

Apparently, there was a considerable amount of disagreement and confusion in the LA County Coroner's Office over the decision to redact that portion of the report.

Lawyers reportedly informed the chief medical examiner that the information could be kept from the public under the justification of "marital privilege."

However, no such rule applies to cause of death reports, and the moment Talinda told the authorities about Chester's previous suicide attempt, it became a matter of public record.

Chester Bennington Image

Many are puzzled by the attempt to keep the hog-tying incident a secret, as details of Bennington's similar 2006 suicide attempt are included in the report. 

TMZ says the coroner's office has yet to return their calls.

Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter issued a statement telling the site simply, "The report stands as is."

We'll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.

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