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Bear with us for a moment and stop what you’re doing. Look high, high up in the air, celebrity gossip lovers. Do you see it? Way up there? 

Farther away than you ever imagined was possible?

Jackson at 7 Months

We’re referring, of course, to time … and how it’s flying way too fast for our liking when it comes to Jackson Kyle Roloff.

We swear this precious child was just born yesterday, but one glance at the calendar and one peek at his mother’s Instagram page reveals something different.

Jackson was born seven months ago.

We have no idea where all that time has gone, but Tori Roloff has been kind enough to provide us with a new update on her adorable first-born.

Just as she did when Jackson turned six months old, the Little People, Big World has posted a new picture (above) of her son, along with news on what he’s up to these days.

To wit:

A Gorgeous Photo

Jackson is rolling.

He has two teeth and is working on a third.

J is obsessed with his feet and will take off anything in his way of his toes.

Jackson has started eating “solid” food!

Jackson woke up this morning with his first sickness (but is still his usual happy self).

Baby J loves to babble and doesn’t like awkward silences. 

Tori added that the family recently "got our first Christmas tree and we’re loving all of our new Christmas traditions."

Jackson, Tori and Zach

It looks like that tradition involves picking up said Christmas tree with his aunt, uncle and cousin.

Prior to sharing these fun tidbits about her child with husband Zach, Tori gushed like never before about Jackson.

She posted the image directly above and wrote as a sweet caption:

I have such FOMO when it comes to this kid. I am so obsessed with every move he makes.

His little fingers. His coos. And I can’t even with his gummy two tooth smile. He literally breaks my heart (in a good way) every time he moves.

I love being this kids mom. God has blessed me in such a way. He’s made me realize things don’t matter-people do. Love you so much baby j.

FOMO is an acronym for Fear of Missing Out, in case you weren’t aware.

XMas Tree Shopping

And we totally understand.

Just look at this little guy!

Finally, in one other social media post this week, Tori shot down an unfortunate rumor pertaining to her beloved husband.

A few Internet users noticed a sore on Zach’s face in one of the images above and wondered whether he had come down with a case of oral Herpes.

Wrote Tori in response:

“For those of you asking, my husband does not have a disease on his lip. He scraped it. Kthanks.”

She added, clearly a little annoyed:

“Also my kid scratched his face because mama let his nails get too long. The Roloff household is a little bit of a hot mess currently."

"But," she said, echoing the sentiments of so many young parents of newborns, "we’ll get it together. K thanksforasking.”

No rush and no worries here, Tori.

Don’t let these trolls get you down.

Just keep sharing cute new pictures of Jackson, please, so we can keep adding them to the galleries above and below.