Ariana Madix: Brittany Cartwright & Jax Taylor Almost Destroyed My Relationship!

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Lisa Vanderpump and all of her messy TV children are back.

Vanderpump Rules' season six premiere showed us a lot of drama ... including some "troubles" between Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.

Not to be outdone, Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval have also been shown to be having relationship struggles. And they're laying the blame for their issues directly at the feet of Jax and Brittany.

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Back when we first heard about Jax Taylor cheating on Brittany Cartwright, Tom Sandoval seemed to try to distance himself from that narrative.

For a quick refresher:

Jax and Brittany have of course been together for ages, but Jax was accused of cheating on her with Faith Stowers.

And then it appeared that Faith Stowers' period was late -- suggesting that she might be pregnant with Jax's baby.

Both Ariana and Tom expressed disbelief.

As entertaining as most of us find the idea of Jax Taylor, of all people, being happily monogamous for two years, it looks like at least some of his fellow Vanderpump Rules stars believe that he's remained loyal to Ariana.

But while some believe that Jax has been faithful, others believed that he'd been filling Faith.


To no one's surprise, Katie Maloney was quick to bash Jax, suggesting that he should just find a girl who won't mind his alleged cheating.

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All caught up?

Well, Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval were clearly also struggling in their relationship, but we don't know where that storyline is going, exactly.

In an interview with TooFab, they try to explain a little about that without, you know, spoiling their entire season's storyline on Vanderpump Rules.

They start off by talking about the drama between Jax and Brittany.

"We can't obviously give away too much," Ariana says. "But they are together now, as you can see on social media ... it's a lot."

You can hide a lot from social media, but people can pretty much tell if you're still together or not.

(Also, and maybe this is a generational thing, but I love when people refer to something as "a lot." It tells you that something will be intense and probably messy without giving any details)

"So just gird your loins for that one."

That line could mean anything from "Faith fabricated a pregnancy just to destroy Brittany's life!" to "Brittany is staying with Jax and has promised to help raise his lovechild once Faith gives birth."

But, you know, probably something between those extremes.

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix Pic

Ariana then gets into how Jax and Brittany's problems weren't limited to each other.

"It's like a ripple effect."

That makes sense. 

"Anything that happens with any one couple, somehow ripples into all of the other people."

When a bunch of people are close, whether they're friends, family, frenemies, coworkers, or costars, everyone's lives (and drama) can become interconnected.

And, specifically, Ariana says that she and Tom felt those effects.

"I think you see in the trailer that Tom and I went through some stuff so I'll go ahead and say that that had something to do with it."

Pump Rules Stars

That is ... incredibly vague, Ariana.

But that's her job.

For a scripted series, actors play characters who aren't them at all, and are free to divulge almost everything from their personal lives.

For a reality series, though, your personal lives are the storyline. You have to keep personal details under wraps.

It it fair for Ariana and Tom to blame Jax and Brittany and that couple's "ripple effect" for their own relationship problems?

Perhaps it will all make more sense once we've seen a lot more of this season.

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