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Peggy Sulahan loves to be the center of attention. That became crystal clear on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 Episode 18 when she flat-out refused to go to the final dinner in Iceland. 

She felt like the women were laughing at her, so she went to see Lydia to dish all of the dirt. She told Lydia that the ladies were making fun of her. 

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When Lydia tried to say she was too paranoid, Peggy then said that Meghan was letting her kid cry for ten minutes unattended. Lydia was not impressed, but she knew Peggy was ready to flip the hell out. 

She stressed to Peggy that filming the women is not good because they will see that as a personal attack. Peggy seemed deluded and claimed that Lydia was wrong. 

Peggy then decided she was not going to the Viking dinner and that she would be staying in her hotel room. Lydia was conflicted because she did not want Peggy to be on her own. 

Peggy Sulahian on Date Night

Shannon and Vicki started bickering at dinner. Shannon hated the prospect of Tamra making back up with Vicki, but she knew it was probably happening. 

Tamra opened up about Brooks being the one to ruin their friendship, and she wanted Vicki to confirm that was the case. Vicki still wanted Tamra to apologize to her. 

Tamra managed to get Vicki to apologize to Shannon for everything she said about her husband. In a surprising turn of events, Vicki decided it was water under the bridge and apologized. 

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Shannon seemed happy with the apology, but was there hope for them to return to their former ways? Lydia and Peggy then showed up, and Kelly took it as an opportunity to apologize to Peggy for the way she acted. 

Peggy then showed off the videotape claiming that all of them were laughing at her. This then turned into the biggest bust-up of the season because of what she said about Meghan. 

Vicki, surprisingly, disappeared from the fight because she did not want to be anywhere near the drama. Vicki has turned a corner this season, and it was about time. 

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Back in the states, Peggy continued to be mad at Vicki because she felt like she should have joined her side and took down the other women during the squabble. 

Maybe Vicki should have found a way to defend Peggy, but it would have been ill-timing to start another war when you consider the fact that Vicki only just got back in good graces with the other women. 

Either way, Peggy, and Vicki are going to come to blows sooner rather than later, and it’s going to be a whole lot of fun. 

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