The Flash Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: The Truth About DeVoe

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DeVoe was playing the long con with Barry on The Flash Season 4 Episode 7

The big bad tried to make Barry and his team think he was a professor caught in the crossfire of all the drama that was going on in Central City with the metahumans. 

Barry and Iris on The Flash

Barry turned to his friends and family because he could not shake the feeling that DeVoe was putting on a front, and was actually the villain of their nightmares. 

Barry managed to steal a mug from the villain to check if the DNA was that of a metahuman. To his surprise, the test came back negative, and so his mission continued. 

Iris was not impressed because she felt like Barry was going to extreme measures to prove something that was not there, to begin with. 

The Flash is in Trouble!

“For the sake of your job and my sanity, please, let it go,” the future Miss. Barry Allen asked her fiancé.

Barry then breaks into DeVoe's home, and he is landed with a restraining order and a suspension from his work. Looks like DeVoe's plan to make Barry look bad is paying off. 

Iris was shocked that Barry continued his mission, but Barry claimed that he has more to lose now than ever and that's why he was worried about the way everything was playing out. 

Flash Season 2 Suit

While Iris successfully put Barry's fears at bay, but things went into high gear when Barry got confirmation he was the villain he thought he was all along. 

“For such a fast man, you’re rather slow,” Devoe barked at Barry when the scarlet speedster realized he had been played all along and now looked crazy in the eyes of his co-workers. 

How else would he be able to move on from this crazy occurrence?

We got some insight into how DeVoe became the fastest mind. He asked his wife to help him bring his design to life for a cap that allows his brain increase to an infinite capacity. 

Concerned Barry Allen

It was then revealed that Harrison Wells turning on the particle accelerator helped bring the project to life. DeVoe was refreshed and ready for world domination. 

While DeVoe's mind was in a speedy place, his body started to deteriorate. His wife removed his scalp and put him into the chair to help keep something in the way of the energy. 

That's a wrap! Next week, it's crossover time! 

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