The Voice Results: And Then There Were Eleven ...

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The Voice's final dozen gave it their all Monday, and Tuesday, the live results meant the end of the road for one of the final 12 competitors.

The endgame is starting to become clearer after The Voice top 12 performances, but many questions remain and every vote matters.

Miley Cyrus Smiles on The Voice

Smart money was on Chloe Kohanski, Jon Mero, Brooke Simpson, Shi’Ann Jones, Davon Fleming, Keisha Renee, and Janice Freeman.

As the most impressive performances of the bunch, and the most consistently solid all season, it was hard to see any of them faltering.

That leaves Addison Agen, Red Marlow, Ashland Craft, Adam Cunningham and Noah Mac as the most vulnerable ... in our view, going in.

What did the voters have to say about it?

A lot, it seems, and there was not much positivity for Team Adam Levine after the previous night's tallies were unveiled.

Adam Cunningham and Jon Mero, both members of Levine's team, were revealed to have the lowest number of votes. 

Adam Cunningham on The Voice

“I got two people in the bottom,” Levine said, clearly irate with what he was witnessing. “Neither one of you guys deserves to be in the bottom."

"I am very confident in that.”

But, they each had one more opportunity to sway some votes their way, and that meant they got to perform one more song! 

In an attempt to earn the Instant Save, Cunningham went with his take on "Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

It was a great rendition, and it became clear that getting rid of Cunningham would level the playing field for some of the others. 

Yes, he's that good. 

But, what about Jon Mero? His performance of "I Want You Back" by the Jackson 5 struggled to match up to Adam's.

Just the same, “I don’t think anybody in this room thinks you should be going anywhere,” Levine said about his act. 

Jon Mero on The Voice

In the end, the instant fan save kept Cunningham in the process for another week, while Mero ended his run in twelfth place. 

While losing out at the first live show must have been difficult, Mero was quick to reiterate that he was thankful for the support.

“I want to thank you so much for believing in me from the beginning,” Mero said to Levine. “You taught me how to be fearless.”

That's how you leave on a high note right there. Here’s the complete list of the final contestants remaining on The Voice: 

Addison Agen

Adam Cunningham

Chloe Kohanski

Red Marlow

Keisha Renee

Davon Fleming

Shi’Ann Jones

Noah Mac

Ashland Craft

Janice Freeman

Brooke Simpson

What did you think of the final 11? Did America get it right this week, and who do you think will be on the block next Tuesday?

Sound off below!

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