Nicki Minaj vs. Kim Kardashian: Who Bared Her Butt Best?

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You've heard of people butting out of certain situations, right?

Well... Nicki Minaj is here to butt IN.

Big time.

The artist is gracing the latest cover of Paper Magazine, posing in three different ways, none of which are safe for work or any wives. See for yourself:

Nicki Minaj Paper Magazine Cover

You'll need to click on the above photo to really see for yourself, as the X-Rated cover is censored because we aim to be a family website.

But once you click, you'll see that Minaj is topless in one pose; feeling up one of her own boobs in another pose; and down on her knees, tongue out and around her own crotch, in the third pose.

MINAJ A TROIS, reads the cover, adding:

Break the Internet.

Wait... break the Internet?!?

Wasn't this what Kim Kardashian claimed to be doing when she posed years ago for the same publication?

Labeled by some websites as her raciest photo shoot of all-time, the former sex tape star stuck her own rear end out while popping a bottle of champagne for Paper back in November of 2014.

If you'll recall, that same cover alleged that Kim would "break the Internet" via such a sultry pictorial.

Kim Kardashian Paper Photo

Alas, the Internet still exists.

It didn't go down for even one second back when Kim's cover went viral.

And it looks to still be intact right now as well.

But Minaj's sexy shoot may portend big things to come for the rapper in 2018.

It's been three years, after all, since the superstar dropped a studio album.

Fans are clamoring for new music.

In a recent interview with Dazed, Nicki said her next release will be "a billion times more epic than anything Anaconda could have delivered, adding:

"I think this era will definitely be the most memorable and the most impactful of my career yet."

Nicki Minaj Paper Pic

Might this oral sex-themed cover be a precursor to a new record?

We'll need to wait and see.

In the meantime, we can only hope Internet users come up with hilarious Minaj memes the same way they came up with these Kim Kardashian memes in 2014.

We can also ask the most important question of all:

Nicki or Kim. Who bared her butt best?

And the Winner is?

It's a battle of the backsides! Who bared hers best for Paper Magazine? View Poll »

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