Kylie Jenner: Trolling Her Fans ... With Tampons?!

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Last month, the world was shocked to learn that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her first child,

As the 20-year-old had never previously expressed an interest in having children or, for that matter, anything other than herself, her social media presence, and her cosmetics line, many fans suspected the whole thing might be a farce.

Kylie Jenner, Baby Bump Hidden

Now, "evidence" that Kylie is "faking" her pregnancy has supposedly emerged on Snapchat--and fans are debating and dissecting this pic like it's the freakin' Zapruder film.

Recently, Kylie and some friends took a road trip.

As is customary for young folks hitting the highway, their first stop was at a convenience store, where they loaded up on the kind of snacks you can only eat when you're 20 or pregnant.

Since Kylie is both (or is she?!), the calorie count crept toward the seven-figure range.

But it wasn't the fact that Kylie and friends shop like they're on their way to a party hosted by Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg that caught fans' attention.

Kylie Jenner Snap

No, what really stood out about the pic was the item in the top right-hand corner.

Yes, as you can see, someone on the trip bought tampons.

And since the most salacious explanation is that Kylie bought the plunked down for the Playtex because she's totes not pregnant. that's the one many fans went with.

We gave her the benefit of the doubt and assumed that the tampons belonged to one of her traveling companions.

But as it turns out, everyone was wrong.

Or at least that's the claim being made by a source who claims to know Kylie best:

Kylie Jenner, White Bathrobe

“She’s loving the attention of everyone wondering about her pregnancy, she’s having fun teasing people," the insider tells Hollywood Life.

And why would Kylie engage in such pettiness?

Well, as it turns out she's bored out of her mind these days

“Kylie definitely isn’t loving every minute of being pregnant, and she’s struggling with Travis being away so much,” the source says.

“He’s doing everything he can to be supportive, but it’s difficult whilst he’s touring.”

Kylie Jenner Baby Bump?

Yes, apparently, Queen Kylie has grown weary of this tiresome gestation process and pranking the plebes is the only thing that still entertains her.

Interestingly, Kylie has yet to announce that she's pregnant, and fans have merely taken her silence on the matter as tacit confirmation that she's expecting.

Given how bored she is, we can only assume she's planning to make the announcement in some sort of epic fashion.

So get ready for the 2018 Kylie baby bump calendar!

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