Kim Zolciak is Pregnant With Baby #7, Claims Brielle Biermann

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Recently, Kim Zolciak shared daughter Brielle Biermann's bare breast with the world. Maybe it was an "accident" and maybe it wasn't, but the post was quickly deleted.

Suddenly Brielle posts some secret information about her mom. Maybe it's a joke or maybe it's revenge -- or maybe it's both.

One way or the other, though, Brielle shared that her mom, Kim Zolciak, is pregnant with her seventh child!

Kim Zolciak and Brielle Biermann back to back

Okay, so we told you about Kim Zolciak speaking with someone -- widely believed to be Khloe Kardashian.

If so, this would be confirmation of Khloe's pregnancy, as Kim Zolciak's telling this mystery woman what she can expect as her pregnancy progresses.

(Kim Zolciak has had six children so ... she would know)

Regardless of the identity of her conversation buddy, Kim starts talking about how breasts naturally get larger during pregnancy.

And then, as the video that we showed you reveals, Kim pressures Brielle into flipping up her shirt.

Brielle protests that the person to whom Kim is speaking has felt her breasts before, but ultimately caves.

Brielle flips up her shirt and bares her left breast.

We can only assume that she didn't realize that her mother was going to post the video on Snapchat for the whole dang world to see.

Brielle Zolciak-Biermann: A Selfie

Well, turnabout is fair play.

Early on Wednesday morning, Brielle tweeted this:

"OMG!!! i’m so excited my mom is PREGNANT with baby number 7!!!!"

(Followed by eight red heart emojis)

She didn't stop there -- Brielle also took to Instagram to share the tweet, where she added:

"OMG!!!! i can’t wait to meet the little nugget inside. it’s been so hard keeping this a secret!!! wooo!! #lucky7."

Brielle even answered a fan's question in another tweet, writing:

"She's due in the spring sometime! [red heart emoji]"

Kim and Brielle Zolciak Waist Train

Kim Zolciak ... was not amused. And this isn't the first time that Kim Zolciak's told Brielle to not tweet something.

Kim went on Snapchat to shut down the story, claiming that Brielle was not being truthful.

"Brielle’s lying! She’s lying."

Which means that Kim Zolciak is saying that she is not pregnant with her seventh child.

Even though, just last month, she admitted during an interview that she had "baby fever."

So ... are we to believe that Brielle was pranking fans or perhaps her mother by telling a lie?

Or was Brielle -- for whatever reason -- taking a jab at her mother by sharing some good news with the whole world?

Brielle Biermann Looking Casual

Well ... we don't know.

It may be that Brielle was angrier than you'd think about her mom leaking that video where she flashed her boob.

Sure, the nipple itself was hidden by an emoji, but baring your breast for the camera is showing a lot of trust.

Perhaps Brielle felt betrayed?

If she did leak genuinely true pregnancy news to get back at her mom ... that might be a bit of a massive escalation.

Whatever it is, Brielle deleted her announcement tweets.

We won't pretend to fully understand the bond between Kim and Brielle. We may never know what was going on behind the scenes with these two.

But if Kim and Kroy announce a pregnancy in the next few months, well ... that would be interesting.

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