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The rumors continue to circulate around Jacob Roloff.

In light of how often Jacob has been hanging with his loved ones, and especially in light of a new Roloff family photo, many fans of this TLC reality hit have been wondering if Jacob is about to make a triumphant return.

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These same fans are likely aware that he left in dramatic fashion last summer.

Via a lengthy Instagram rant in July of 2016, Roloff slammed the show as fake and his family as phonies and made it clear he was done filming.

Forever, it seemed.

But the 20-year old has since acknowledged he may have acted immaturely at the time and has come right out and admitted that he’s since "grown up."

Combine this confession with how often he’s been hanging out with Tori, Zach and their son Jackson (below) and many viewers have been speculating that Jacob could appear on episodes of Little People, Big World this fall or winter.

And it’s certainly possible. He could.

But Jacob just shared an informative Instagram post in which he updated followers with his future plans.

And they don’t appear to include his family’s reality program.

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"An update: Izzy and I have for several months been working towards bringing all of our creative aspirations to fruition," Jacob wrote, adding:

"So far, I’m happy to report, it is going quite well."

What does Roloff mean, exactly, by these "creative" pursuits?

Jacob mentioned the second book he has in the works:

"I’m working on this next piece of writing, considerably longer than Verbing, called Out To See, and Izzy is working on a poetry book (among other things) with her own art, watercolor, and photography sprinkled in for good measure."

There’s also been talk that Jacob may soon propose to Izzy.

Not that he made mention of that possibility here.

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"We have a joint project that we are keeping top secret for a little while longer, but will hopefully get to express to you folks by the turn of the new year," Jacob continued.

"We are working away, and I can’t very well contain my excitement!"

In conclusion, Jacob offered up the following preview of his impending second book:

I wanted this book to be something I might have wanted when I was a kid, growing up surrounded by one way of life with no room to stretch or explore, as it pertains to religion, at least.

I wanted it to be clear that this is not a dive into the past but a contemplation on my present situation, my thoughts, and what I expect going in to the immediate future.

It’s about me going Out To See a different way of life, and never being able to return the same again.

Interesting, right?

We’d love to see Jacob back on TLC, but we’re also excited to what plans he and his girlfriend have in store.