Arrow Season 6 Episode 4 Recap: Reversal

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Michael Emerson is in the building!

On Arrow Season 6 Episode 4, the popular actor debuted as Cayden James a.k.a. the man who founded Helix.

He was not impressed with everything that happened to him, so he was ready to embark on a revenge mission, and that meant taking some people down. 

Alena revealed the truth to Felicity, and it sent Felicity right to her team to let them know there was something villainous on its way to Star City and they had to be prepared. 

Felicity and Alena joined forces to find a ghost mirror drive that would give them access to some of Helix's most important files. 

Stephen Amell for The CW's Arrow

When they found the device, their mission was thwarted by none other than Black Siren who showed up to cause some mayhem for them. 

Cayden revealed himself to both Alena and Felicity before ordering Black Siren to murder them. He also revealed that he saved Black Siren from death on Lian Yu. 

In a scuffle that involved all of Team Arrow, Alena was injured and made her way to the hospital. Felicity managed to confirm that Diggle was right about Black Siren's murders being covers. 

Katie Cassidy for The CW

They make their way to a place known as "the vault," which the villains are trying to access. Oliver played Overwatch and Felicity managed to take the firewall down and save the internet, and of course, their lives. 

While it seemed the team won, it was quickly revealed that Cayden wanted her to take the firewall down so he could upload some malware of his own to get the upper hand. 

In a somewhat surprising move, Felicity, after conferring with Alena, decided to call her company Helix Dynamics. Alena wanted to become a permanent fixture at the company, but it seemed like Ms. Smoak was on the fence about the potential hire. 

A New Team Arrow

She was worried about the trust because Alena's loyalty wavered in the past, but would she really stick the knife into Felicity twice?

Also, Oliver and Felicity celebrated the third anniversary of their first date, but things were thrown into doubt when it emerged that the villains wanted to play a little game. 

The episode concluded with Oliver getting a phone call from Slade Wilson who wanted his help with a brand new mission. 

Arrow Season 4 Photo

Could it involve his son?

We'll have to wait to find out!

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