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We all saw Ariel Winter get into the Halloween spirit … and out of most of her clothes. Halloween is a fun time, and she ended up pulling off a number of different costumed looks.

Well, now it’s November, and she’s celebrating something that’s a lot more special: her one-year anniversary with boyfriend Levi Meaden.

And what better way to mark one year together than with some steamy photos?

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Admittedly, this couple has proven to be controversial for some fans.

For example, when Ariel Winter and Levi Meaden moved in together after only dating for six months, it caused a bit of a stir.

We should remember, though, that for celebrities concerned about privacy, moving in together has some added benefits that those of us who aren’t followed by cameras or creepy fans might not understand.

Plus, it’s not like Ariel Winter’s home doesn’t have plenty of room.

The disparity between the couple’s respective degrees of fame was another point of criticism, with haters even going so far as to suggest that Levi Meaden was Ariel Winter’s kept boy, with an allowance or even a salary. Ariel shut down that kind of rumor, hard.

Levi’s an actor, too. Not at her level, but he’s going to be in the new Pacific Rim movie. That’s exciting stuff.

Probably their biggest issue — as far as critics are concerned — is their age gap.

Ariel Winter is 19 and won’t turn 20 until 2018. Levi Meaden just turned 30 a couple of months ago.

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Now, that’s a hefty age gap, even though Ariel was an adult when they started dating.

But they’re both adults and they make each other happy, so we don’t think that there’s anything predatory going on.

Honestly? A lot of this couple’s haters seem to just be men who wish that they were the ones dating Ariel Winter. Dream on.

Ariel Winter posted this sweet photo on November 12th.

Admittedly, you don’t normally think of couples getting professional photos done when they’re just dating. Especially for just a year.

In fact, you usually just hear about couples getting professional photos done for their engagement and then for their wedding.

(Unless they’re taking some private, erotic photos and hire a discreet professional)

The Modern Family star included this caption as a tribute to their relationship:

"Happy 1 year anniversary my love. I’m the luckiest girl in the entire world."

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That’s some pretty obligatory gushing, but it’s super sweet.

"Thank you for being the incredible man you are, and for making me the happiest I could’ve ever imagined."

Ariel Winter had a disturbing, upsetting childhood so we’re so glad that she’s found her bliss.

"Here’s to many, many more. I love you. [heart emoji]"

Before you call her out for thinking that she’s found "the one" at 19, know that even though the odds of that are low (statistically), it happens.

(Two couples I know who were dating when we ate lunch together in high school went on to get married in their twenties, after college. It happens)

"P.S. your crazy butt is the only one who could ever make me agree to jumping off a cliff at a waterfall soooo yeah. I love you."

That postscript gives us a little context for this lovely photo, which Ariel also shared.

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Levi shared those photos, too — and the one that we have up top, as a bonus.

Obviously, he also posted a moving tribute for their one-year dating anniversary:

"I can’t believe it’s been a year."

Well, he’s 30, so with more than one-third more life experience than Ariel, he would literally perceive the passage of time as going faster than she does.

(We all do; that’s why an hour felt like "forever" as a little kid and now, if you have to leave in an hour, you feel like that’s not enough time to start doing anything — we view time subjectively in proportion to how much life we’ve experienced)

"We’ve had adventures. Gotten dolled up countless times. And traveled through 3 continents together. I never imagined I’d be this happy."

That almost sounds like an exhausting amount of "adventuring" for one year, but traveling the world is different when you’re in love.

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And now for the gushing:

"I love you more than anything! Happy anniversary Peanut Butter!!!!"

Not every nickname has a story to go with it, but we’d love to know if there’s one for Ariel.

Honestly, good for these two lovebirds, you know?

We hope that Levi’s role in the new Pacific Rim serves him well. He probably won’t be front-and-center with John Boyega, but it could be a real career boost.

That said … sometimes, when a couple’s dynamic changes because the less famous member of the relationship’s career takes off, it can upset the balance that they had and lead to a breakup.

That’s not hypothetical. It appears that Chris Pratt’s success ruined his marriage to Anna Faris. It was, at least, a factor.

But for right now, we can all just be happy for Ariel and Levi and the place where they are in their lives.