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As far as we know, there’s no legitimacy to the recent slew of rumors about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry being secretly engaged.

But that doesn’t mean the absurdly photogenic couple hasn’t already begun the process of planning a future together.

Meghan Markle in 2015

It may not seem like a big deal to us in the States, where the word "polo" merely conjures images of overpriced Ralph Lauren men’s wear, but when Meghan watched Harry compete in the royal’s annual polo match over the weekend, it sent a clear message that these two are in it for the long haul.

The horsey game marked Harry and Meghan’s first public appearance together, and served as a prelude to Pippa Middleton’s wedding, where the couple will arrive hand-in-hand, and neither of them will be wielding a mallet or sitting atop a 2,000 pound hoofed beast.

Basically, if anyone still doubted that Harry and Meghan were the real deal, she silently told them where to cram it on Saturday.

Meghan won’t be in the UK for long (she’s due back on the set of the USA legal drama Suits on Wednesday), but her latest jaunt across the pond was enough to get the British tabloid media buzzing.

A Royal Wedding?

Sources say Harry basically begged Meghan to attend the match, as he abhors doing public appearances on his own.

Meghan was so eager to oblige that she skipped the baby shower of her friend Serena Williams in order to be on hand.

"Harry was the one that encouraged her to come," a source close to the prince tells E! News.

"He hates doing these things by himself and it felt great to have someone he loves cheering him on. With Meghan, he feels like they’re a team. It gives him so much energy."

As for the Harry-Meghan engagement talk, the loved-up polo match has the rumor mill working overtime.

Meghan Markle in Black

Several outlets have pointed out the similarities between Harry and Meghan’s romance and Prince William’s courtship of Kate Middleton.

Many have noted that in the past few weeks, Harry and Meghan’s public behavior has closely mirrored that of Will and Kate in the weeks before they announced their engagement.

Of course, Will and Kate were engaged for about a month before they announced it to the peasants, a fact that has many wondering if Harry has surreptitiously put a ring on it already.

Whatever the case, it seems certain that Meghan won’t be forced to wait quite as long as her famously patient predecessor.