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Remember when we speculated that Kate Middleton was pregnant, and it was only a week later when it was announced that Kate Middleton is pregnant with Royal Baby #3?

Because we sure remember.

Well … now there’s a new report, and it looks like Pippa Middleton might just be pregnant.

Pippa Middleton and Bearded James Matthews

Royal family members might take turns announcing big news …

(A likely reason for why we haven’t heard an official announcement about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle getting engaged despite the plethora of reports and rumors saying that the two are ready to take that step any day now)

… But that rule doesn’t necessarily apply to their extended families.

Pippa Middleton is Kate’s sister, and Kate’s pregnancy is doubtless meant to be a welcome and happy distraction during the UK’s inevitable, nightmarish Brexit process.

We’ve talked about the possibility of Pippa Middleton being pregnant before, and the more murmur that we hear about it, the more likely it seems that she will be popping out her first child some time in 2018.

We’re always a little leery of blindly believing everything that we read, of course, but this report has details about Pippa’s plans for the future.

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews, By The Water

In their October 23rd issue, Life & Style reports that Pippa and James are trying to get pregnant.

In fact, the Pippa Middleton insider suggests that they may have already succeeded.

"They are trying for a baby, and Pippa might already be expecting."

Some women get pregnant the first time that they have sex, so obviously, if she’s trying, it’s possible that she’s already expecting.

It can take a couple of weeks after conception to know for sure.

"She has dropped a few hints, and I know she would love to be pregnant at the same time as Kate."

We’d love to know exactly what sorts of hints she’s dropped, but it’s obviously in everyone’s best interests if Royals and their relatives are circumspect about these things. We get it.

Pippa Middleton James Matthews Wedding

This same insider claims that they know what sort of family Pippa wants to have. Apparently she even has a preferred order.

"She would love to have a boy first and then a girl."

Many people suggest that, because of how children are socialized by gender (or perceived gender), it can be preferable to have an older brother and a younger sister.

That was my family’s dynamic (two younger sisters, actually), but the order shouldn’t really matter.

And speaking of three siblings:

All told? Pippa "wants three children," the insider reports.

As we’re sure just occurred to you — three just happens to be the number of children that Kate is on her way to having.

it sounds like the sisters have discussed how their respective children would get along.

"Pippa and Kate can’t wait until the kids all play together."

Pippa Middleton James Matthews Pic

The idea of the cousins playing together is certainly adorable.

We have to note that no one should start counting their royal-adjacent chickens before they hatch, however.

Pippa is trying, but some women take years to conceive. The average time for a healthy couple to try conceive before they get a viable pregnancy is one entire year.

So … let’s all be patient. But also keep an ear out.

We love the idea of both Middleton women being pregnant at the same time.