Leah Messer: PREGNANT with Fourth Child?!

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Keeping up with the comings and goings of all the uteruses of all the Teen Mom girls ... well, it's not an easy job.

But somebody's got to do it.

Leah Messer Selfie

We're on a constant pregnancy watch with Catelynn Lowell -- her husband, Tyler Baltierra, has made it clear that he wants another baby and he wants one soon.

Maci Bookout has had not one but two surprise pregnancies in the past few years, so who's to say that couldn't happen again?

And impressively, four out of the five Teen Mom 2 ladies gave birth this year!

Back in January, both Jenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska welcomed adorable little babies.

In July, Briana DeJesus had precious baby Stella, and then in August, Kailyn Lowry had the equally precious baby Lux.

The baby boom even extends beyond the main cast members -- we also just learned that Jenelle's first husband, Courtland Rogers, is expecting a child with his girlfriend.

Leah on Teen Mom 2 Photo

It's a lot to take in, right?

It must be especially a lot for Leah Messer, the only Teen Mom on her show who has yet to join the 2017 baby trend.

... Or is she?!

Yesterday, Leah shared a new selfie, and it's got quite a few people theorizing that she could, in fact, be pregnant right at this very moment.

Here, check it out for yourself:

Leah Messer Possible Baby Bump

"Never stop believing in HOPE, miracles happen everyday!" she captioned the photo.

She also added a boatload of hashtags: "good morning," "good morning quotes," "make a difference," "start a movement," "start your day right," "hope," "faith," "love," "joy," "kindness," and "live your standard."

Looks like she's really taking all that motivational speaking seriously, huh?

But though it's nice that she's feeling so inspired and uplifting these days, no one is really focusing on her caption.

And that's because it looks like Leah could possibly have a tiny little baby bump in this photo!

We all know that she's normally very, very thin, but in this photo, her midsection looks a little more rounded, doesn't it?

Leah Messer Dress Photo

Not like she's gained any weight, but like she's got a bun in that oven of hers!

Of course, it could just be the angle she's rocking here, which is honestly pretty weird.

She's got her knees bent and her back arched with her arm extended -- it's a fair bit of contortion for a selfie, and it could definitely cause roundness.

And then there's the fact that Leah has directly denied the new rumors.

In the comments on the photo, one person asked "Are you pregnant again?", and she responded with "What? I don't even have a boyfriend? lol."

Which seems pretty conclusive, right?

Leah Messer in the Car

It also seems important to mention that this year, Leah's been pretty fond of getting big rumors started about herself.

Back in March, her daughter made a comment about "the baby in [her] tummy," and she did little to deny it. It goes without saying that if she was pregnant then, we'd definitely be able to tell by now.

Then in August, she shared a photo of an engagement ring, only to later reveal that the hand the ring was on wasn't even hers, and she was just talking about the manicure on the hand anyway.

So for all we know, she could have been bouncing all around her house yesterday, taking selfie after selfie in weird position after weird position, just to see if she could get a new round of pregnancy rumors going.

We honestly can't put anything past these Teen Mom gals, can we?

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