Kylie Jenner Has a Message for Her "Baby"

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For the very first time since news broke of her pregnancy, Kylie Jenner has acknowledged the life growing inside of her baby.

We think, at least.

The 20-year old jumped on a pair of social accounts yesterday in order to interact with fans, initially posting a self-portrait without any makeup on her face:

Kylie Jenner, Bare Face

"Friday the 13th," Jenner simply wrote as a caption to this snapshot, making a reference to the superstitious date.

Later, however, Kylie truly captured the attention of the Internet when she recorded a video on Snapchat and wrote the following along with it:

"Nothing's gonna hurt you baby."

Oh, yes: BABY!

Kylie appears to have finally confirmed she's expecting a child with Travis Scott.

Kylie Jenner... Baby?

Prior to this picture and its affiliated words, Kylie has kept very quiet about her pregnancy.

If anything, she's gone out of her way to avoid the topic, sharing Instagram photos of herself in overgrown, long-sleeved shirts that hide her baby bump.

As pretty much anyone with an Internet connection knows, this is the exact opposite type of photo than the ones for which Jenner has compiled an enormous viral following.

Why might Kylie be hesitating to officially confirm she's expecting? We can think of a few possibilities:

1. She's waiting to strike a deal with some supermarket tabloid so she can rake in millions while turning this pregnancy into a cover story.

2. She's ashamed because she didn't mean to get pregnant and she knows her relationship with Scott won't last.

3. She doesn't want to overshadow Khloe Kardashian, who is ALSO pregnant and allegedly due around the same time as her half-sister.

Which of these options sound most realistic to you?

Kylie Jenner, Baby Bump Hidden

Truth be told written, no one in the Kardashian-Jenner clan has said a word yet about either Khloe or Kylie's pregnancy.

But you just know Kris Jenner is cooking up some way to announce this double pregnancy news, right?

Some way that will bring in as much money as possible.

(It's actually triple pregnancy news because a surrogate will give birth to Kim Kardashian's third baby in early 2018 as well. Crazy, right?!?)

Regarding Kylie, a source recently said the following to Radar Online:

"She talked a good game about wanting to have a baby, but now that it's here, she's all shades of freaked out...

"Kylie knows a lot of people don't think she's mom material, and she's been devastated by all the online criticism.

"She's struggling to stay positive, is very light on sleep, and feels everyone is out to get her."

We're sorry to hear that.

But forgot all of us, Kylie.

In just a few months, only one person will matter: your child.

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