Kim Kardashian: Is That a Sex Toy in Her New Photo?

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Plenty of people might forget to hide personal items -- things like a bottle of lube or condoms or even full-blown sex toys -- before snapping a selfie, not realizing what they've included in the background.

It can happen to the best of us.

And, to hear some Instagram commenters tell it, it's also happened to Kim Kardashian. Whoops.

Kim K. on Keeping Up

It's so easy for non-celebrities to forget to stash something away or to be surprised by a guest's arrival.

Maybe your room is cluttered and you didn't notice that something of a very intimate nature was sitting out.

Or maybe you snap a selfie and only later realize that the little light coming out of your closet is a charger, and it's not for your phone or your toothbrush.

Normally, you'd think that the Kardashians -- masters of social media and so, so careful with their public image (well, except for Rob and his impulsive tweeting) -- wouldn't make a mistake like that.

Some celebrities aren't shy about their sexuality. Remember when Brandi Glanville posted a vibrator photo to Instagram? Sexuality is a normal (if not universal) part of being a human.

Still, when Kim Kardashian posted this picture, it threw some of her fans and followers for a loop.

Kim Kardashian "Sex Toy" photo

Aside from giving us a serious case of bathroom envy, this photo shows a vase that contains two roses beside a very ornate perfume bottle (we assume).

And there are also some beauty supplies, including a pair of salmon-colored (that's salmon, right?) tubes.

And one of them really, truly looks like it might be the sort of item designed to be inserted into the human body for recreational purposes.

But it's not a dildo.

It's a makeup applicator.

Yes, we're pretty sure that it's a makeup applicator -- if you look really closely, you can see a little brush part on the end.

Kim Kardashian Selfie Drama

Now, not everyone is familiar with makeup or how it is applied.

But ... Kim Kardashian's tag should have been a dead giveaway:

"Daily Routine"

Because "daily routine" would have been a little too on-the-nose if she'd been talking about sex toys, you know?

She's plugging her products, not her ... never mind.

That didn't stop fans who, though realizing that it was a makeup applicator, used the captions to share their first impressions.

"Thought it was a vibrator," wrote one.

Another turned the experience into poetry:

"Roses are red, violets are blue; your makeup brushes look like vibrators but you probably knew that, too."

We said that it was poetry, not good poetry.

Kim Kardashian Has a Smile

Do you know what's really funny about all of this?

This isn't the first bathroom mix-up that's happened with Kim Kardashian sharing photos from the bathroom.

Remember this summer when Kim Kardashian was accused of doing cocaine?

She defended herself from the accusations, at first explaining that it was candy from her family's trip to a candy store.

Later, Kim explained that it was actually just a pattern on the marble countertop, rubbing the pattern with her finger to prove that she wasn't doing cocaine.

Admittedly, "my fancy bathroom photos are sometimes misleading" is a very niche problem, but maybe we should all take a second glance at anything that we post to the interwebs, okay?

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