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Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth was pregnant when her brother Joe Duggar married Kendra Caldwell in September, but you wouldn’t know it.

At least not after TLC’s Counting On finale, which revolved around Joseph and Kendra’s big day, made nary a mention of Joy’s joy.

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Monday’s Counting On wedding event didn’t address the newest Duggar pregnancy, which has been controversial since the get-go.

Rumors of Joy’s shotgun wedding have run rampant for months, ever since she moved her big day up from October to late May.

Almost exactly 12 weeks after tying the knot, she announced she was expecting her first child, and Joy’s baby bump is … big.

Joy was a part of Joseph’s big day, too, serving as a bridesmaid for Kendra, not that she got any discernible screen time out of it.

Some eagle-eyed fans were able to spot Joy sporting a small baby bump, though regardless of the timetable, that’s expected. 

It just makes you wonder …

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The Duggars confirmed Joy and Austin Forsyth were expecting their first baby on August 30, just several days before Joe and Kendra wed.

Again, that would put their conception date about three months earlier, which is really stretching. Hence those premarital sex rumors.

Perhaps reading so much into her lack of time on TLC Monday night is exactly that, though. There’s not necessarily a conspiracy here.

It’s perfectly possible, of course, that Counting On producers felt Joy had already gotten a wedding special of her own and left it at that.

Joseph stole her thunder, some believed, by getting engaged at Joy’s wedding; Duggar fans didn’t see a repeat of that this time around.

In any case, Joy has said she was hoping for children long before they tied the knot (whether they "tried" for one remains up for debate).

“Before we even were married we were praying that God would give us kids and we’re so thankful that he has,” Joy said earlier this fall.

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Austin added during the big announcement:

“We’re so happy to announce that we’re pregnant. When we found out we were pregnant we were both extremely happy and felt blessed.”

The couple said they were not aware of the gender of their baby, but they were already sure on how they wanted to raise their child.

“I hope that our child is pretty much just like their mother. Selfless and always serving and loving people,” Austin said, predicting a girl.

“There’s kind of been a trend with having boys in the family," he observed, and "I think we’re going to break it and have a girl."

Jinger and Jessa Duggar have two boys each, while their older brother He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has three sons out of five kids.

For her part, Joy’s thinking boy all the way.

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Gender aside, “I am really looking forward to seeing what the baby looks like,” she said, and any expectant parent knows that feeling.

While Austin and Joy have yet to share a due date for their little one – perhaps by design – there have been some clues just the same.

The Duggar Family Blog, which is run by friends of the Arkansas brood, reported earlier this month when fans could expect the child.

The bloggers wrote that according to Joy, she is due in “early March,” which would be consistent with her alleged wedding night conception.

If she gives birth earlier than that, though, all those questions that have dogged her for weeks on end are likely to intensify once more.

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