Jinger Duggar Sports Tight Pants & High Heels, Continues to Stun Fans

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Now that she's married, as fans who follow her famous family are keenly aware by now, Jinger Duggar has started wearing pants.

As scandals go, that should fall between "she doesn't cut her sandwiches diagonally," and "she hangs the toilet paper so that it faces the wall."

But Jinger is a Duggar, after all. 

Jinger Duggar Wearing Tight Pants

This means that prior to getting married, she was only permitted to wear skirts or long dresses (and hug side to side, obviously).

Fortunately, her new husband, Jeremy Vuolo, doesn't share Jim Bob Duggar's view that women's jeans are stitched by the devil himself.

No. Jeremy is religious, to be sure, but doesn't subscribe to her dad's belief that pants are manufactured in the garment district of hell.

So he bought his wife a pair of Levi's shortly after their wedding, and hasn't shied away from encouraging her to wear them often.

Apparently it was like giving a house elf an article of clothing in the Harry Potter series, because Jinger is now a free woman.

Not only is she wearing pants these days, Jinger is wearing shorts ... and increasingly snug pants ... and even high heels!!

Jinger Duggar Wears Pants

Her legwear seems to be getting tighter with time, and as you can see in the pic above, Jinger isn't exactly shy about it.

If anything, the 23-year-old is proud about showing off her new fashion sense on social media every chance she gets.

The photo probably had her conservative father rounding up a pitchfork posse, but thus far, it seems fans are loving it.

“Such a cute couple! Jinger needs to get into the fashion business!” wrote one fan, admiringly, after seeing the new pic.

“Jill probably needed to be escorted to the fainting couch when she saw this outfit,” joked a member of Duggar Nation.

Interestingly, Jinger has yet to comment on her decision to begin sporting less formal attire, but the photos say it all.

Jinger Duggar And Her Gun

Jinger has also yet to sport her pants or shorts on the family's reality show, as you know if you watch Counting On online.

That is probably no coincidence.

Creepily, Jinger's legs at currently at the epicenter of a patriarchal power struggle between her husband and her father.

Jinger wears pants because Vuolo says she can, and while JBD can't contest the decision, he reportedly doesn't like it.

Sources say he's strongly encouraged his fourth eldest daughter to not wear pants while in his presence or on television.

You'd think he would have something bigger to worry about than what sort of clothing his adult daughter wears, but no.

One might even suggest that the polarizing figure's out-of-whack priorities have done more harm than good over the years.

Maybe Jim Bob should spend more time concerned about his child molester son who's a free man with children of his own.

Just sayin'.

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