Jeremy Vuolo: Slammed For Anti-LGBT, Anti-Duggar Rant By Fans

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We all cling to the notion that pants-wearing Jinger Duggar is a rebel in the family, and that's even true ... up to a certain point.

She knew even back when they were courting that her husband Jeremy Vuolo clashes with Jim Bob Duggar on several issues. 

Jinger and Jeremy on the 'Gram

Jeremy's the one who now allows her to wear pants, and more, but his latest conflict with the Duggars isn't winning him any such love from fans.

In fact, Vuolo is coming across as more extreme in his anti-LGBT beliefs than his in-laws, which is really saying something.

The Duggar family would love for the general public to think of them as folksy, lovable Christians who have a lot of kids and make for entertaining reality stars.

Why? Because that means more viewers for their TLC program, which means that Counting On can go on and on and on.

They'd like for their viewers to regard them as role models on how to form a Christian family and live by the laws that they believe in.

That means having as many children as you physically can and raising them in a frighteningly strict manner, forcing your beliefs upon them.

And more.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo on Instagram!

The Duggars are avowed male supremacists who claim that their fundamentalist lifestyle has been Biblically ordained.

(Most Biblical scholars and the vast majority of Christians would disagree, but fundamentalists like the Duggars believe that this is because others have been "contaminated by the culture," which is supposed to be ominous but doesn't really mean much)

This means that daughters are the "property" of their fathers until they're married off (after following the infamous courtship rules), at which point they "belong" to their husbands.

Which is why Jinger Duggar can wear shorts and short sleeves, baring the sinful woman-flesh or her limbs - because her husband says it's okay.

It's frightening, but it's the reality for members of the Duggar clan - and for other families who share their beliefs.

But let's not portray Jeremy Vuolo as a hero just because his wardrobe requirements for Jinger are more permissive than Jim Bob's.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo Picture

In a recent sermon, uploaded to YouTube, Vuolo revealed his conflict with the Duggars ... because he wishes that they would be more vocal in their condemnation of the LGBT+ community.

He's recently used social media to condemn pastors and other religious leaders for considering performing same-sex weddings.

In his sermon, delivered at Grace Community Church Loredo, Jeremy said the following regarding these church figures:

"All you have to do is look at the sexual revolution pressuring them, and they cave in to a worldview that rejects God’s truth and embraces popular opinion."

He said that he and Jinger consider homosexuality to be a "false love."

Most noticeably, he went on to use a very strange analogy, comparing the existence of LGBT folks to a loaded gun and suggesting that sticking to his anti-LGBT beliefs makes him the only one willing to recognize it as a danger.

Jinger, Jeremy Vuolo Photo

Finally, he suggests that rejecting gay people for who they are is a better way to love them than accepting them.

And he wasn't shy about calling out the Duggars for not using every ounce of their platform to voice their anti-LGBT bigotry as loudly and proudly as they can.

This shouldn't come to people as a surprise. Seriously.

People love the narrative of Jinger Duggar being the "rebellious, liberal" daughter and Jeremy Vuolo being the man who took her away from all of that, because the audience has been waiting and hoping to see one of these girls escape.

With 19 kids and dozens upon dozens of anticipated grandchildren, it seems kind of inevitable that at least one of these poor kids will break away and write a tell-all book. 

But we have to remember that these people grow up isolated from society and taught that "the culture" is evil and could doom their souls.

That's a lot for a girl to overcome, especially when she's taught to not think for herself.

Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo, Joseph and Kendra Duggar

And Jeremy Vuolo might clash with Jim Bob over sleeve length, but calling him "liberal" is truly twisting the word from its modern usage.

We're talking about a guy who accuses Catholicism of being demonic, which is well within the standard wheelhouse of Christian fundamentalists but still earned a lot of shock and anger from fans.

Our favorite response to that was probably one viewer who wrote:

"Referring to Catholicism as 'pagan' not only insults Catholics, but Pagans. Study both before making such off-base comments."

Though, if we're being honest, Jeremy Vuolo would probably consider insulting both groups to be all part of a day's work.

But the fact that he's calling out his in-laws for not being sufficiently vocal in their anti-LGBT views almost paints him as being worse.

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