Javi Marroquin SLAMS Jenelle Evans: Sit Down! Be Humble!

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It's been a hectic week for Jenelle Evans.

On Monday's episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle didn't exactly come off looking like mother of the year, and in a pattern that's become familiar to fans, she quickly took to Twitter to blame the show's producers and editors.

Jenelle Evans Attends 2017 VMAs

Like we said, it's a familiar form of tantrum, and one that Jenelle favors as a negotiating tactic whenever she feels her bosses are ignoring her demands.

This time, Evans has changed strategy slightly, going so far as to threaten to quit Teen Mom 2 if producers don't "treat [her] with respect" on future episodes.

It's a gambit that puts MTV in a difficult position:

Either they lose one of their most inexplicably popular reality stars, or they once again give in to Jenelle's demands, setting yet another dangerous precedent.

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Most of Jenelle's co-stars have been tight-lipped on the matter, likely torn between wanting to ensure favorable edits for themselves and fear of biting the hand that feeds them.

But it seems Javi Marroquin is well aware of where his bread is buttered because he's come out in full support of MTV, bashing Jenelle in a scathing interview with Radar Online.

“I feel like every girl has threatened to leave the show since we started this years ago,” Marroquin, tells the site.

“I hate when they say that because if you take out the doors that it opens, the money it provides, the house you’re living in, take all of that out and where would you be?”

Javi goes on to say that he understands Jenelle's frustrations, but does not condone her public complaints:


“We’re human too,” he says.

“We get annoyed and we get frustrated. But at the end of the day, work with them and they work with you. I’ve heard I want to quit since we started this. People need to be humble.”

He added that at this point, the entire cast is well aware of how to take charge of their narrative, and if they fail to do so effectively, they have no one to blame but themselves:

“You control your story,” he tells Radar.

You do what you do on camera. You know you’re being filmed. If you’re going to act that way, own it. I don’t think you can edit whatever is going on that’s happening.”

Jenelle Evans Pre-Wedding Photo

Not surprisingly, Marroquin says there were times when he was unhappy with how he was portrayed on the show, but unlike Jenelle, he realizes that's simply the cost of doing business as a reality star:

“If I get a bad edit then I deserve it,” he says.

“If I said something stupid or did something stupid. We signed up for it. Realize it and change.”

Wise words from a seasoned pro.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more from Javi and troubled Mrs. Evans-Eason.

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