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What’s wrong with Derick Dillard lately?

Serious question.

Derick Dillard, Wife Jill Duggar
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He’s always been very Duggar-y, with some extra conservative views – voiced publicly – that many find additionally offensive.

Of course, there’s that ongoing nonsense with the way he and Jill Duggar keep asking for money from fans for no real reason.

But for the past couple of months or so, he’s been insisting on being even more awful than usual, and it’s getting kind of alarming.

For example, remember last week when he actually tweeted that the United States is "one of the least racist countries in the world"?

For real, that’s a thing he said. In 2017.

And then, in August, he made the bizarre and most unfortunate decision to bash Jazz Jennings, a fellow TLC reality star.

Derick Dillard Solo Selfie
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Jazz stars in a long-running show called I Am Jazz, which is all about her life as a 16-year-old transgender girl. She’s also an absolute doll.

But instead of being supportive of a co-worker, or, you know, instead of being a decent human being, Derick … did the opposite.

He saw TLC tweet a promo for her show and decided to respond with the following condemnation of Jazz and the program:

"What an oxymoron… a ‘reality’ show which follows a non-reality. ‘Transgender’ is a myth. Gender is not fluid; it’s ordained by God."

And then, when he started getting some criticism for that statement, he doubled down, couching his "clarification" with the wrong pronoun:

"I want to be clear. I have nothing against him. I only have issue with the words and definitions being propagated here."

Jill Dillard, Derick Dillard
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Again, the misgendering – Jazz is a "her." not a "him," and it would have taken literally nothing away from Derick to show her that little bit of respect.

But he didn’t because he’s awful, which is kind of the whole point we’re making here.

And now, two months after making those original statements against Jazz and the idea of being transgender in general, he’s doubling down on the awfulness.

Over the weekend, he retweeted a quote from Janice Raymond, a noted radical feminist activist who is also known to have extremely transphobic views.

"No one — women, men, children or transgender persons — should be subjected to any form of exploitation or targeted for discrimination," the quote begins.

"Transsexual and transgendered persons are entitled to the same human and civil rights as others."

Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard: Back in Arkansas!
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The quote goes on to say that "Recognizing these rights, however, does not mean that we must accept that hormones and surgery transform men into women and women into men …"

"Or that persons who self-identify as members of the opposite sex, are what they subjectively claim to be."

Derick retweeted all of that mess, and just in case he didn’t make himself clear, he also wrote "I agree with Janice Raymond on this."

It’s just … why?

Even if he believes in these backwards views, and he’s made it very, very clear that he does, why does he feel the need to continue to talk about it?

It’s disrespectful, it’s cruel, and you know it’s got to be angering his employers.

His Twitter followers don’t get his game here, either.

Jill Duggar, Derick Dillard Picture
Photo via Instagram

"Derick, your ignorance is going to tweet yourself and your in laws out of a big TLC paycheck if you don’t just shut up," one person advised him.

Another pointed out "The bible says thou shall not judge. Aren’t there much bigger things in life u should be preaching about? Did u feel good about hurting Jazz?"

One particularly sassy person turned Derick’s logic against him, asking:

"So you’d have no problem with me rejecting your subjective claims to be a good Christian, husband, father and overall decent human being?"

So Derick, your next step really isn’t that difficult …

Just shut up, OK?