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Is this really the end of Dance Moms?

After conflicting reports, it seems like Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 26 could have served as a series finale for the iconic reality series which has been on the air for several years. 

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When the finale picked up, Jill and Kendall confirmed to their teammates that they would not be around for the next competition, and this caused a lot of uncertainty because they were seen as the more prominent dancers. 

The mothers grew concerned when Cheryl confirmed she would be bringing in another dancer as there was no way they could win at nationals with just four girls. 

Holly felt that the ALDC had a revolving door of performers and that it would be best to roll on with the four girls. The new addition is Reagan, and she has built up quite a roster of support over the years. 

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With six national titles, it’s clear Cheryl was thinking about how seasoned Reagan was and that she could be an asset to the team. The mothers were icy to Reagan’s mother because they wanted to make it clear she would not be getting a solo. 

Reagan and her mother were booted from their studio because they joined The Irreplaceables, so they were not going to be sitting around waiting for things to happen. 

They came to win, and that’s precisely what they were going to do. The mothers were not impressed when Cheryl gifted Reagan with a solo. Cheryl made it clear that this was not about feelings, it was about winning. 

While Nia acted like a petulant child because of her lack of solo, Cheryl said she screwed up during the duet, so there was no way she was getting another chance to do the same. 

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When the moms tried to elevate the drama, Cheryl shut them down by saying she was not sticking around to listen to them. Her one true hope was to help the girls, and that’s what she wanted to do. 

When the mothers attack Julie, Cheryl is forced to step in. She reiterated that without Kendall, the team stood no chance of winning and that’s why Reagan was drafted in. 

Things got worse when Kalani sprained her ankle, and Cheryl was forced to cut her solo. It then emerged that Kalani had to be taken out of the group number altogether. 

This meant they would be pressing on with four after all.

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At the performance, Cheryl thought that Reagan came out better and that everyone should be happy about her being in the competition. 

At nationals, Kendall returned, and Reagan disappeared. The mothers knew this was probably the end of the line for them, so they wanted the girls to go out with a bang. 

In the end, The Irreplaceables became the West Coast National champions, and it became apparent this was the perfect time to end the series. They did what Abby couldn’t, and that’s got to feel a little exciting. 

What do you think about the end of the season?

Is it time to say goodbye?