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Monday on Counting On Season 5 Episode 5, Joy-Anna Duggar’s siblings decided it was time to commemorate her impending wedding day.

With a very special gift to remember them by.

Joy-Anna Duggar is Cute
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If you watch Counting On online, you will be treated to an episode in which her (many) siblings gush about her at great length.

While they revealed the things they like most about their sister, Joy ended up dropping some knowledge of her own this week.

Joy revealed that when it came to Austin Forsyth, it was not exactly love at first sight. Rather, she wasn’t even a fan at first!

"He didn’t start coming by our house until about five years ago," Joy said, adding that they met when she was five and he was eight.

Austin used to hang around her brothers playing football, and “I didn’t really like him that much,” Joy admitted of that period.

“[Forsyth] was young and immature, and I was young and immature," she added. "Yeah, I didn’t think much about him.”

Austin and Joy
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Oh, how times change, to say the least!

Nowadays, Austin is her “best friend,” she says, a man who “balances me out in so many ways … he has a very adventurous spirit.

"He pulls me out of my box a little bit.”

The expectant mom says she loves how Austin is a provider and a hard worker, and for his part, she’s the answer to all his prayers.

Sounds like her family approves as well.

“Austin’s going to make a good addition to the family,” one of her brothers said. “Well, he’s really been a part of the family the whole time."

"He just has a different last name!”

Austin and Joy Forsyth
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Of course, this is always bittersweet.

Josie Duggar, 7, told cameras she’s going to miss Joy “one hundred times two," and it’s not just the youngsters who struggle with it.

"It is so hard to believe Joy’s getting married so soon,” Jinger Duggar, 23, also added. “I still think of her as little Joy running around.”

“Little Joy” was, according to her family members, a major tomboy who loved playing with her brothers – older and younger.

“She’s such a great big sister,” Jessa Duggar, a.k.a. the resident Duggar Mean Girl, added in her own interview last night.

“She always makes projects fun.”

Now that’s high praise there.

Joy-Anna Duggar Baby Bump Update
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Perhaps foreshadowing her pregnancy, Joy-Anna also spoke about caring for her siblings and growing up in such a huge family.

Joy admitted that her unique experience has given her “a lot of insight into what a mom does,” and no doubt she’ll be a great one too.

Austin revealed that he “couldn’t wait to start a family” with his bride, and clearly, they got right down to business and then some.

The couple revealed they are expecting their first child 12 weeks after their wedding night, moving fast even by Duggar standards.

Of course, questions linger.

Did he get Joy-Anna pregnant before marriage? Is she posting old baby bump pics to fool fans? Follow the links and you tell us.