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If you followed their relationship and subsequent bitter breakup, then you know that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna aren’t on the friendliest of terms with one another.

Even though Rob and Blac were never married, their messy split has already landed them in front of a judge on more than one occasion, with several future court dates on the horizon.

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Disputes over custody of Dream Kardashian have caused much of the wrangling, but the former couple’s legal beefs don’t end there.

For starters, Rob may still wind up in hot water as a result of the public temper tantrum that led him to post nude photos of Blac without her consent.

After that incident, Blac got a restraining order against Rob, and she’ll likely come after him for monetary damages at some point in the future.

But for now, Chyna has bigger fish to fry.

After all, Rob might live the lavish life of a Kardashian, but he’s not the one bringing in all that cash.

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It’s Kim and company that have the really deep pockets, a fact that Blac is no doubt well aware of.

So it should come as no surprise that the mother of two has filed suit against the entire Kardashian family, claiming that they masterminded a campaign to get E! network execs to cancel the reality show in which she co-starred with Rob.

When Rob & Chyna was canceled back in March, the news didn’t come as much of a surprise.

The couple had already broken up and ratings for the series had steadily declined throughout its first season.

But Blac says the network didn’t care about all that, and the second season was a go–until the Kardashians began to interfere.

According to documents filed by Blac’s attorneys today, Kris Jenner and her daughters used their "power and influence over the E! network to kill the second season." 

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Chyna is arguing that the Kards believed the show was damaging to their reputation and decided to shut it down.

Her lawyers will likely point out that Kylie Jenner’s show, Life of Kylie, actually had lower ratings than Rob & Blac for most of its run, but that series is rumored to have been picked up for a second season.

Unfortunately for Blac, the Kardashians will likely have no difficulty fending off this lawsuit.

According to TMZ, Blac made production impossible by refusing to be in the same room with Rob.

Execs say the hassle wasn’t worth the lackluster ratings and they made the decision to cancel the show with no input from the Kardashians.

Can’t blame a girl for trying, though!