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It’s times like these that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna must be especially thankful for their 3-month-old daughter, Dream Kardashian.

Because were it not for Dream, there would be no way to look at the last year of their lives as anything other than an unmitigated disaster.

Blac Chyna with Rob

Back when we first learned that Rob and Blac were dating, many predicted that things would play out exactly as they have:

Step one: Rob and Blac would move much too quickly, largely as an overcompensating response to family and friends’ opposition to their relationship. [Check]

Step two: As part of their mad dash to prove everyone wrong, Rob would get Blac pregnant. [Check]

Step three: After a brief resistance, Kris Jenner would decide to cut her losses and produce a Rob and Blac reality show.

Step four: Rob and Blac would break up.

Step five: Rob & Chyna (the show, not the couple) would never make it to Season 2.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna: Parents-To-Be!

If you correctly predicted every step of the Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna breakdown, as outlined above, well …

Don’t put your whole paycheck on your March Madness bracket just yet. Just about everyone else called it, too.

And, as of today, step five is official.

Yes, after just one season of dismal ratings, Keeping Up with the Kardashians spinoff Rob & Chyna has been canceled by E!

It’s a loss that will be mourned by Chyna, Chyna’s mom, Chyna’s agent, and probably a handful of other people with close ties to Chyna.

(The shameless opportunist, not the country that Donald Trump is afraid of … that’s pronounced JINA. Alright, moving on.)

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Chat With E! On The Red Carpet

A source (who’s almost certainly a spokesperson for the couple) issued a statement moments ago hinting at this very TV fate.

Confirming that Rob and Blac will not be filming together anymore, the insider said they remain committed to amicable co-parenting.

At least that was the company line at the time.

"They are doing the best they can to stay civil and to co-parent the best they can," the PR agency, er, inside source explains.

"They have worked out an informal custody arrangement. They found out what works for them and they’re doing a good job at it."

The anonymous and totes unbiased insider continues their carefully worded, insightful analysis of the couple’s future, adding:

Blac and Rob

"[Rob and Chyna] realize Dream will connect them for life, and it’s not worth it for them to fight and get dramatic about their breakup.

"They’re forever connected by that beautiful girl."

As such, "there can’t be any bad blood."

Sounds promising, even uplifting, right?

After all, these two share a profound love for one another that can never be destroyed, but only transformed into friendship and …

No? Are we wrong? Wait? What’s that you say? 

They clearly hated each other from the start?

*starts writing preemptive "Kris Jenner Granted Full Custody of Granddaughter Dream Renee Kardashian" article*