This Kanye West Video Could Destroy His Marriage!

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How is this for irony:

A certain amateur porn video turned Kim Kardashian into an A-List superstar, which eventually enabled her to meet and then marry Kanye West.

Now, however, a different video is threatening to destroy this famous marriage... while simultaneously causing untold damage to West's music career.

Kanye West and a Woman

Back in November, Kanye was hospitalized for nine days after he suffered some kind of breakdown.

According to various insiders, West was hanging out with his personal trainer when he flipped out, berating the trainer for no apparent reason.

The superstar didn't turn violent, reports at the time stated, but a doctor explained that Kanye was suffering from psychosis due to severe exhaustion and dehydration when this incident took place.

Not much else is really known about what transpired and no one else is really talking about it.

Neither Kim nor Kanye nor anyone in their family has come forward with a straightforward explanation of what happened.

But Star Magazine now alleges we may all find out - via a bombshell first-hand account!

Kimye at Home

The tabloid writes that “20 hours of explosive footage” exists which features Kanye “in the days before his breakdown and subsequent hospitalization” last year.

What might happen if this footage gets leaked?

Based on emails between West’s attorneys and his tour insurers, the troubled rapper’s team confessed that, if seen by the public, these videos could “hurt his career” and “more importantly, destroy his marriage.” 

In a mediation statement sent on April 18, 2017, Kanye's attorney said underwriters’ lawyers' were permitted “to view more than 20 hours of video taken of Kanye during the four days leading up to his hospitalization, which graphically depicted the deterioration of his condition and mental breakdown.”

This statement was sent three months before West filed a $10 million lawsuit against insurance company Lloyd’s of London for supposedly refusing to pay claims stemming from his canceled tour.

Kimye in 2017

However, West refused to deliver a physical copy of the videos to the Lloyd’s of London’s U.K. headquarters.

And Kanye's lawyer explains why:

“For fear that a public release, intentionally or inadvertently, might hurt his career and, more importantly, destroy his marriage."

So there you go.

We don't know for certain what is on these tapes, but it sounds like the material may be very damaging.

We'll keep readers apprised if or when we learn more and if or when we hear that the videos may hit the Internet.

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