Kim Kardashian Sex Tape: Happy 10-Year Anniversary!

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Ten years ago today, a superstar was born.

But not just any superstar.


Kim Kardashian Superstar

On March 29, 2007, she and Ray J came together (hehe) to release the Kim Kardashian sex tape, an amateur porno that would change Hollywood, reality television and social media forever.

We're not really kidding or exaggerating.

The amateur porn, dubbed "Kim Kardashian Superstar" by Vivid Entertainment, was filmed in October of 2002.

At the time, Kardashian was 22 years old and Ray J was 21 years old.

She was a relatively unknown stylist to singer Brandy Norwood and an assistant to Paris Hilton, while Ray J was simply Brandy's younger brother.

The couple went on a vacation to the luxury Esperanza Resort in Cabo, Mexico to celebrate Kardashian’s upcoming birthday.

For whatever reason, they took along a handheld camcorder and at first filmed footage of each other goofing around near a pool.

Kim Kardashian, All Wet

But they later turned the camera on themselves just in time for a romp between the sheets ... and the rest is history.

Iconic, famous, insanely profitable history.

Kardashian initially filed a lawsuit to prevent her sex tape from hitting the market, but most outsiders believe this was a PR maneuver.

Whether she did this to merely make it appear as though she was against its release is unclear, but she eventually settled the suit for a reported $4.5 million.

(Heck, Ray J has gone as far as to say the entire X-rated video was Kris Jenner's idea.)

By 2007, Kim was set to anchor Keeping Up with the Kardashians, a series about her family on E! and that series lives on to this day. 

That's more than we can say for the career of her ex-BFF.

Paris Hilton Photograph

At this point, Paris Hilton had turned her starring role in 2004's "1 Night in Paris" (a sex tape that featured the blonde heiress and then-boyfriend Rick Salomon) into a lucrative career for herself as a reality star and paid club attendee.

It remains fairly obvious to pretty much everyone that Kim and her family learned a thing or two from Hilton's sex romp to fame.

And that they planned the release of "Kim Kardashian Superstar" to coincide with the premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

And it was a genius marketing move!

The show took off (it's in the middle of its 13th season), Kim turned into a global phenomenon and her sisters have since followed suit.

The siblings have hundreds of millions of social media followers as a group and earn nearly that much money every year together.

And, yes, it can all be traced back to Kim lying on her stomach and taking it from a rock hard Ray J.

sex tape tweet

In honor of this anniversary, Pornhub - the adult entertainment portal that gives viewers free access to many very naked videos - celebrated the occasion.

With a special Tweet aimed at Ray J and Kim.

"Happy 10 year anniversary to our #1 pornstar @KimKardashian on her porn debut," Pornhub wrote, sharing the above screen shot, yet failing to give Ray J any credit whatsoever.

(Don't cry too hard for the guy, however. He still makes thousands each month off royalties from the sex tape's sales.)

Kim Kardashian Superstar is the most-watched X-rated video of all time, with well over 93 million views, according to the latest tabulations.

And while Kim may still pretend she wishes it didn't exist, Ray J is only too happy to keep promoting his Kardashian pounding and to keep watching those checks roll in.

Ray J Selfie Alert

"You might know me for a lot of things - music, reality TV, oh, and you might also know me for my dick," Ray J hilariously told the camera during an episode of Celebrity Big Brother UK in January.

He added at the time:

“People wanna know about the sex tape with me and Kim Kardashian... Order it, put some money in my pocket … Y’all still j-rking off to the sex tape? Enjoy."

Seriously, how great is Ray J?!?

We wish him and Kim the happiest of sex tape anniversaries and we just want them to know:

We're still holding out hope for a sequel.

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