The View SHOCKER: Who's Out Now?!?

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In what feels like a monthly tradition, yet another panelist is leaving The View.

On Monday morning, Jedediah Bila announced that she isn't just saying goodbye to the daily talk show...

...she was saying goodbye right then and right there! 

Jedediah Bila

"So, this is my last day at 'The View' and I want to thank these ladies," Bila said to open the program, adding her heartfelt praise for everyone around her:

"What you don't know about us, these ladies, we're friends. Sunny's tests, Sara, Whoopi you're my inspiration, Joy when I need comedic relief, this is where I go.

"So we're going to be friends no matter what.

"I want to thank you because I'm a little eccentric and you put up with me and this has been an amazing journey and I appreciate all of you."

Bila, who often appeared as a guest host throughout Season 19, joined The View as a regular cast member for Season 20.

"I want to thank the viewers, even the ones that write me the hate tweets," Bila added. "This is what I'm here for, I'm there to shake things up."

Jedediah Bila Picture

It's true.

The View is almost always composed of liberal leaning co-hosts, with one conservative voice included among the group.

This is why Meghan McCain is reportedly in contention to fill Billa's spot.

Bila told viewers on air that she's got "some good stuff on the way," including a new book from Harper Collins and a wedding.

"This has been a really great experience," she emphasized.

"Mostly I want to speak to the viewers, we are nothing without you.

"We are able to do what we do because you invite us into your homes... this isn't about me, this isn't about us, it's about a conversation, it's about serious issues and it's about the fact that you care enough to hear what we have to say and that I appreciate more than any executive or any position I can ever hold.

"I appreciate the fact that you give me the time of day and a presence to make my voice heard.

"I hope you'll join me in all my future endeavors, wherever they are, and I'm excited."

Jedediah Bila Photo

"We rarely agree on anything, but I am honored to call you friend," Sunny Hostin said.

Added Joy Behar:

"It's great to have you here, we need to have somebody who disagrees. It's never been personal and that has been good for the show."

The View, of course, seems to lose a panelist at least once a year.

Candace Cameron, for example, bid farewell in December, about six weeks after Raven-Symone also resigned.

Will you miss Jedediah Bila on The View?

Or did you not have any idea who Jedediah Bila was until you read this article?

UPDATE: The View producers have released the following statement regarding Bila...

She’s been a spirited voice at the table over the past year, asking smart questions and challenging us all to think. We want to thank Jed very much for all of her contributions and wish her great success with the next step in her career.

She will always be part of The View family, and we’ll welcome her back to talk about her new projects.

Please join us in thanking Jed for her hard work, her dedication and her voice at the table.

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