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Maybe Kelly should just keep her distance from the other ladies. 

That thought crossed my mind several times during The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 Episode 9 when it became apparent that the ladies could not seem to stay friends for very long. 

Kelly Dodd on Real Housewives of Orange County
Photo via Bravo

When the episode got underway, Kelly was about to flip the eff out because she thought Shannon had been filming her when they were out drinking. 

For Kelly, she thought all of the arguments between her and Shannon had been for a good reason. She thought she made a mistake by making things right with her.

It’s obviously not a very friendly relationship if one of them is recording the other. Is it?

Kelly and Meghan were out shopping, and Kelly needed some advice about how best to handle the situation.

Meghan E.

If you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, you will know that Kelly generally lashes out in the worst possible way. 

So, this was a rare moment that proved she had turned a corner and wanted to be a good person. Kelly came to the conclusion that Kelly should hear Shannon out to make sure what she thinks she saw actually happened. 

But, before Kelly got to meet up with Shannon, Meghan called and ran her mouth about the whole situation. Did she think that was going to help matters?

In turn, Shannon immediately called Kelly to claim she did not know enough about technology to even think about doing that. This is coming from the woman who has spent most of her life in front of the cameras. 

Shannon Beador Smiles
Photo via Bravo

Kelly then decided it was best to let the feud die and forgave Shannon, but Meghan did not get off quite as easily and rightfully so. 

The ladies then attended drag queen bingo and got dressed up as men for the occasion. Kelly then realized Meghan was, indeed, a pot stirrer when she caused some more drama between Vicki and Shannon. 

When the ladies get to the event, Shannon’s psychic, Scott is in attendance and is very clearly there to cause some drama between the ladies. 

He thought it would be fun to predict who was going to fall out with whom and it was pretty absurd.Before long, everyone was talking about Vicki and Kelly was not amused by it. 

Vicki Gunvalson Red Carpet Picture
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She was still so widely associated with Vicki that she felt it was sick to trash her when she was not around to defend herself. Despite what some may say, Kelly, is loyal. 

But her loyalty to someone comes to an end the moment she realizes they could cut her off at any given moment. 

The drama went into overdrive when Kelly heard Tamra asking Scott if Kelly was going to be nice to her. That set Kelly off, and she then turned her attention to Meghan. 

Tamra Judge in Culver City
Photo via Instagram

She wanted to know if Megan was going to be nice to her, or if she was going to continue to be a two-faced pot stirrer. Not one to leave any stone unturned, Meghan recalled the time Kelly said that her (Meghan’s) husband was having an affair while she was pregnant. 

Kelly did admit it was retaliation to the torment that Meghan put her through. Kelly also called Meghan out about speaking to Vicki about the infidelity accusation. 

Kelly was not ready to let everyone trash her friend, so she yelled at Meghan that she was a bad mom. Meghan then disappeared before saying good night to Kelly. 

Kelly Dodd on RHOC
Photo via Bravo

That’s what she gets for causing all of the drama. 

What did you think of all the drama?

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