Brooke Wehr Posts Jeremy Calvert Nude Pic to Celebrate Reconciliation

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Teen Mom 2 stars Brooke Wehr and Jeremy Calvert, also known as the ex-husband of Leah Messer, are officially back together.

If you weren't convinced of the truth of this rumor before, she's cleared it up for you now ... with a nice photo of Jeremy Calvert nude.

Jeremy, Brooke

Wehr posted a photo of Calvert’s naked back in bed, not so subtly confirming earlier reports that they have rekindled their relationship.

She captioned it, “Sleepy head #vegas #naptime #lazyass.”

What happens in Las Vegas doesn't stay there, evidently.

In addition to making her point that Brooke Wehr and Jeremy Calvert are back together, she also revealed a celebrity run-in.

The Teen Mom 2 tandem ran into another reality star duo, Vanderpump Rules' Jax Taylor and Tom Schwartz, while in Vegas. 

“@mrjaxtaylor and @twschwa are the best” she wrote, apparently never having watched Vanderpump Rules and seen Jax in action.

“Glad I got to meet you guys.” 

Jeremy Calvert in Bed

Fortunately, she did not post any photos of Jax nude, though you have to imagine someone else will by the end of the weekend.

Sorry, Brittany.

In any case, Brooke Wehr has been virtually MIA from Teen Mom 2 this season as her romance with Calvert imploded early on.

She was engaged to Calvert as of earlier this year, and has famously come between Jeremy and his reality star ex-wife, Leah.

That's not to imply that Jeremy cheated on Brooke with Leah, a popular rumor that circulated around the Internet. Not the case.

However, his physical absence from West Virginia - Brooke lives in Ohio with her own daughter - has caused issues with Leah.

Brooke Wehr and Jeremy Calvert Pic

That's very reasonable, as Messer felt quasi-abandoned and like a single mother of the couple's daughter, Adalynn, at times.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you may recall a scene in which Leah lamented that she has Addie and Jeremy has Brooke.

You may also recall a more recent scene in which Jeremy threw Brooke under the bus as a controlling, borderline abusive monster.

Just kidding, he later said.

While Calvert went OFF on Wehr on Instagram in May and portrayed her as a psycho on the MTV reality show, that's his bad, he says.

He famously claimed that he "came home to all my s--t being everywhere" one day because Brooke went through his phone and "lost her s--t."

Brooke Wehr Photograph

The alleged reason? That he talked to Leah about their little girl enrolling in preschool, but a jealous Wehr flipped the f--k out on him.

"The episode you saw," he would later confess, "Brooke came off as crazy, which she isn't at all. It was all my fault during that time."

"The reason we broke up wasn't because of me and Leah talking about Addie's preschool stuff. It was me talking to a different girl. Period."

In response to rumors of Leah and Jeremy getting back together, Brooke recently said on Instagram, “He’s not back with Leah."

"We are back together, have been for a few months now. I just never posted about it until now," she added, fearing the obvious backlash.

Looks like those fears are in the rear view mirror now, and she's taking in a different kind of rear view ... if you know what we mean.

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