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Paris Jackson says that she has over fifty tattoos. Some she has to honor her late father. Others have more specific meanings, like the matching spoon tattoos that she got with Macaulay Culkin.

Now Paris is showing off a new tattoo that depicts her spiritual side.

Because this one runs down her chest, however, she had to get a little creative to make her photos "safe" to share on Instagram.

Paris Jackson, Sunglasses Selfie

When we see Paris Jackson, we see an openly spiritual young woman who’s at peace with her body and who is living her best life — with more wisdom than most people have at her age.

Like so many young Millennials, she gives us hope for the future.

Paris Jackson’s love of being nude is well-documented.

Plenty of us may find that relatable, but few of us go naked on outdoor spiritual retreats.

Even fewer of us then share photos (with some careful censorship) with two million Instagram followers.

Paris Jackson got a new tattoo, and she wants everyone to see it. The tattoo runs down the middle of her chest, though, so she had to find a few ways to cover up to show it off.

The first photo, uploaded not to her story but simply as another Instagram photo, just uses a robe:

Paris Jackson, Chakra Tattoo

This tattoo depicts the seven chakras.

In a number of Indian faiths — including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism — the chakras are energy centers within the body that have specific associations.

The chakras play a role in a number of forms of Eastern medicine and many people’s spiritual beliefs, from a devout Hindu to someone who holds esoteric, New Age beliefs.

You might think of them as spiritual focal points for different types of energy, and believers see the chakras as intrinsically tied to mental, spiritual, and even physical wellness.

Paris Jackson is definitely the eclectic sort, as she also shared a photo of the Egyptian deity, Anubis — a photo that also featured Ammut the Devourer — on Instagram. Though it’s possible that she just liked the art — we’re not sure.

The tattoo looks great, there.

However, what with the shadows caused by the angle and lighting and the presence of the robe, you can’t really see the tattoo in all of its glory.

But you can in this photo:

Paris Jackson, Chakras and Censorship

Better lighting and no robe to obscure the tattoo!

Unlike Snapchat, Instagram stories — like the rest of Instagram — is terrified of a woman’s nipples, because society is ridiculous.

So Paris had to get a little creative, and used some emojis as if they were little pasties to obscure her nip nops for the pic.

(And let’s be clear, it’s Instagram who’s super uncomfortable about nudity, while Paris Jackson is a very free spirit)

Now you can see the chakra tattoos in all of their colorful glory.

We’ve seen some poorly done tattoos before, but these look beautifully symmetrical.

Paris Jackson and her Chakras

Paris Jackson’s gotten spiritual tattoos inspired by Eastern faiths before.

Paris and her brother, Prince, got corresponding Taiji tattoos (in the West people call it a "Yin Jang" which is … literally not what it’s called).

Paris got a Yin tattoo (that’s the black teardrop part of it, representing the more at ease elements of thought and action) and Prince got the Yang tattoo (the white part that kind of looks like a fang, representing action and haste).

Over the weekend, Paris posted a video to Instagram of an interview that Prince gave, and she wrote in the captions about how proud of him she is.

She then tweeted about having to shut down her "thirsty" followers who were apparently lusting after Paris’ brother, as she isn’t convinced that anyone could be good enough for him.

That is so cute, you guys. Paris is such a treasure.