Kim Kardashian Hangs With Scott Disick, Rocks Super Blonde Hair

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Earlier this week, we learned that Scott Disick was recently hospitalized and placed on 5150 psychiatric hold after exhibiting behavior that led authorities to believe he may be a danger to himself or others.

Sadly, it wasn't terribly shocking news, considering Disick has reportedly spent the past several months drinking heavily, abusing drugs, and generally getting caught up in a frightening downward spiral.

Scott Disick is on a Boat

What is surprising is the fact that just weeks after being released from the hospital, Disick is still drinking and partying, despite the fact that he won't be permitted to see his kids until he sobers up.

And what might be even more shocking than that is the fact that Kim Kardashian has apparently been spending time with Kourtney's troubled ex.

To be clear, no one is implying that there's anything romantic going on between Kim and Scott.

We're pretty sure that would never happen, but on the other hand, it would probably translate to huge ratings, and you can never overestimate the power of a suggestion from Kris Jenner.

Anyway, the fact that Kim met up with Scott in New York last night is unusual for two reasons:

1. We had no idea that Kim is now the Mother of Dragons.

Kim Kardashian: Blonde in 2017

She looks like she has dinner reservations at 8 and needs to ride Drogon into battle at 10.

2. Kourtney isn't even on speaking terms with Scott, but Kim is meeting him for dinner?

That's weird even for a family with a long history of overstepping boundaries with one another's significant others.

Of course, it's times like this that it's important to remember the Kardashians are the custodians of a lucrative media empire first, and a family second.

So it stands to reason that Kim is hanging out with Scott not to offer her support, but to shoot a dramatic scene for the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

"Kris is absolutlely going to use this for next season," a source tells Radar Online.

Scott Disick Laughs It Up

"Kris pretty much owns him. Without the show and the drama, Scott would not be able to live like such a baller."

We get the point of that statement, but we'd probably replace the term "baller" with "emotionally stunted addict on a suicide bender that's unfortunately being enabled by his pseudo-in-laws."

We suppose that would've made for a more awkward and depressing sentence.

Watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians online to relive the rocky road that brought Scott to where he is today.

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