Joseph Duggar, Kendra Caldwell on First Kiss: That Was Just ...

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Joseph Duggar is the latest member of that famous family to be off the market - and know what kissing a member of the opposite set feels like.

In short, it's not terrible.

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When you have 19 kids like Jim Bob and Michelle, there will come a point where a lot of them come of age around the same time.

Such as the case with the next generation of Duggars these days, as there seems to be a wedding or a baby every time you turn around.

Even so, Joseph Duggar (like his sister Joy-Anna Duggar, who also wed this year) fast-tracked his relationship more than most it seems.

The 22-year-old, the seventh child of Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar, married his 18-year-old fiancée Kendra Caldwell on Friday.

They'd been engaged less than four months and courting just a few months before that after Joseph stole Kendra from Jedidiah.

No matter what you think of that timeline, he's now the sixth Counting On cast member to get married ... and you know what that means!

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Full. Frontal. Hugs.

We kid, but like other Duggars (with the possible exception of Joy-Anna having premarital sex), the wedding was a first in that respect.

"We are happily married now and just got done with the ceremony," Joe said in a video posted by TLC, in which he described his first kiss.

"That was ..." he began.

"Amazing," Kendra said.

There's more where that came from, you two. Just wait. The Christmas baby announcement is going to be really special, too.

"You always have expectations of the first kiss but it blew all those expectations away," said the newly-married Duggar.

Joe and Kendra Duggar

Caldwell added:

"I think when we said, 'I do' inside our vows and everything, I think it really was a super sweet time and it was, I think just made it more real."

Holding off on physical affection or even hand-holding until it's official certainly will increase the anticipation levels of the big day.

Whether it's a smart relationship "rule" in general or counterproductive is subject to some debate, but we'll leave that for another time.

Naturally, even before Joseph Duggar married Kendra Caldwell, he said he began crying when he saw her walk down the aisle.

She wore a white cap sleeve wedding gown with a sparkling bodice, similar to the dress his sister Jessa Duggar wore in 2014.

Joe and Kendra

Joseph said that in addition to more kissing, he's looking forward to raising a family with Kendra and to "serve the Lord as we please."

In other words, expect a lot of little ones for Jim Bob to talk about at his seminar on grandparenting, which is somehow a thing.

Joe proposed to Kendra at sister Joe-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth's wedding in May (Joy was in on it and helped plan it). 

Two weeks ago, Joy announced that she's already expecting her first child, becoming the youngest Duggar to get pregnant.

She's only been married 15 weeks, so she and Austin clearly wasted little time ... sparking a slew of shotgun wedding rumors.

Josh, Jill, Jessa and Jinger are also married; Jinger wed Jeremy Vuolo last fall and has yet to get pregnant, astonishingly.

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