Jinger Duggar: Jealous of Joy-Anna's Baby News?

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As we reported earlier this week, Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her first child.

Many fans were surprised by the news, not only because Joy-Anna is just 19 and has been married for only three months, but also because the pregnancy represents a significant break from Duggar tradition.

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Typically, when two Duggar daughters are recently married (which is pretty much always the case these days) the one to wed first is the one to get pregnant first.

But Joy-Anna skipped the line, so to speak, announcing her pregnancy despite the fact that Jinger Duggar, who married six months before her, remains childless.

There's been talk that Joy-Anna got pregnant before marriage and that her family moved her wedding up in order to avoid a scandal, but that's a conversation for another time.

Most Duggar fans have been busy wishing Joy-Anna and husband Austin Forsyth all the best as they start their family together.

But some have expressed concerns for Jinger.

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Like all Duggar women, Jinger has spoken excitedly about having children, and most thought she would have made a pregnancy announcement by now.

Since the use of birth control is frowned upon in the Duggar clan, many fans are now speculating that Jinger and husband Jeremy Vuolo are having trouble conceiving.

“Doubt she’s using BC. My guess is they are trying but might be having issues," a Duggar fan recently wrote on Facebook.

"Statistically 1 to 2 in every 10 women deal with infertility problems."

"There are 9 duggar girls, so at least one of them is bound to struggle and so far the other 3 married ones seem to get pregnant quite easily.” 

“I’d feel really bad if they had infertility issues in that family. You know J’chelle [Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar] would think they were cursed by God,” commented another.

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Many have pointed out that on a recent Counting On after-show, Jim Bob predicted that Joy-Anna would be the next to announce baby news.

Even though Jinger has been married much longer, Jim Bob - who typically offers very little in the way of such insight - actually said this.

The prescient comment led many to believe that the Duggar family patriarch is aware Jinger is having trouble conceiving.

If Jinger is struggling with conception issues, her difficulty is likely only compounded by the fact that it's all taking place on the public stage.

Unfortunately for her, the downside of your parents making a commodity of your private life is that the public's interest rarely ends when the cameras are turned off.

As always, you can follow the link to watch Counting On online for more form reality TV's most famous family.

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