Leah Messer on Jeremy Calvert: I Have Addie, He Has Brooke Wehr!

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Leah Messer hints in previews for tonight's Teen Mom 2 reunion that Jeremy Calvert, her second ex-husband, may be out of the picture.

Like, entirely, when it comes to their daughter Addie.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you know that this past season was an extremely turbulent one for the West Virginia mother of three.

Leah decided to have dinner with Jeremy at one point this season, and seemed like she was drunk and hitting on Calvert rather overtly.

They went through a quick divorce last year, and a relatively amicable one at that, so it seemed like perhaps romantic feelings lingered.

Yet, at the same time, pipeline engineer Jeremy was moving on with Brooke Wehr, which Leah didn’t take kindly to for several reasons.

Sure, there's the emotional connection involved, but it runs deeper than that. Leah feels Jeremy is putting Brooke's family ahead of hers.

In the scene above, she goes off on her ex to a friend after Jeremy left Adalynn with Brooke's parents to go pick up Brooke's daughter.

Clearly, the tension between them is palpable.

According to a new report, Leah Messer slams Jeremy for being a negligent parent on the Teen Mom 2 reunion for not putting his kid first. 

Tonight's reunion should be very interesting.

“I have full custody of Addie,” Leah tells Dr. Drew Pinsky in a preview. “He was doing great but he just moved in with his girlfriend to Ohio.”

In his defense, Jeremy does work crazy hours.

Not only that, he often travels out of town for his engineering job, and has by all accounts done an admirable job providing for his family.

This brings its own challenges, of course, and Leah wants things to run on a schedule that allows for more reliable visits from Jeremy.

Basically, she wants Calvert to make an effort with his daughter, especially as Adalynn gets older and starts to notice her dad is missing.

In her mind, Jeremy has replaced Leah and Adalynn with Brooke Wehr and her child instead, and that's clearly stinging her quite a bit.

Obviously, it's not nearly that simple, considering that it took two of them to have Addie and two of them to divorce so quickly thereafter. 

That doesn't make it easier to accept, though.

As for Leah and Miranda Simms, the current wife of her first ex Corey Simms, there's plenty of bad blood to go around there, as well.

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