90 Day Fiance: Aleksandra Blasts "Disgusting" Rumors, Says Josh IS the Father!

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For what seemed like the billionth time, 90 Day Fiance star Aleksandra responded to cheating accusations

No one likes being accused of being unfaithful, but it's worse when these trolls claim that Aleksandra and Josh's daughter, Kaya, must not be Josh's at all.

And on top of that, these racially charged accusations have singled out Aleksandra's best friend from back in Prague.

Aleksandra Iarovikova, Husband

Aleksandra Iarovikova was a Russian party girl.

She liked clubs and dancing, and was around all sorts of things that are now big no-nos to her new faith and lifestyle.

You know, like, alcohol and stuff.

Josh Strobel was a Mormon doing missionary work.

They came from different continents and different worlds, but they fell in love.

Josh couldn't actually date her -- even in a super chaste sense -- while acting as a missionary for the LDS, so he had to come back a year later to actually ask her out.

But he did, and eventually dating turned into an engagement -- with a K-1 visa and the 90 day limit.

Aleksandra and Josh

Not all viewers of 90 Day Fiance were convinced that the party girl and go-go dancer was willing to be tamed 

90 Day Fiance: What Now? caught up with Aleksandra and Josh now that they're married and have a baby.

Aleksandra is struggling with their middle-of-nowhere residence, but she loves Josh and she loves their daughter, Kaya, and that's what matters.

She knows that it's only a matter of time before they move to another city where she might be able to make friends.

Josh, in the mean time, is applying to medical schools and is already on some wait lists.

Once he gets in, they'll know where they're moving. As soon as their lives are no longer in hiatus, their problems will be more or less solved, right?

Except that people are terrible.

So, Aleksandra stopped posting to Instagram over the summer, and both she and Josh have stopped sharing images of their daughter, Kaya.

Because the first time that they did, Instagram trolls flooded Aleksandra's comments with accusations that she cheated on Josh.

Aleksandra of 90 Day Fiance


Part of it's probably because they don't want to believe that someone can change their life.

But part of it's because Kaya's skin is darker than that of either of her parents. And her hair is dark and curly.

So these accusers think that Kaya is biracial and definitely not Josh's.

Aleksandra already explained -- even though she totally didn't have to -- that her own biological father is Cuban.

(As most people are aware from their own families, it's not uncommon for children to inherit traits from their grandparents that are not exhibited by their own parents. I think that it has something to do with RNA but don't quote me on that.)

Well, trolls have set their sights on a number of potential baby daddies.

Aleksandra Iarovikova, Josh

Including the black man with whom Aleksandra spent time in Prague.

(Again, these accusations have a strong racial element which should make everyone involved uncomfortable)

Because that man is "just like a brother" to Aleksandra, she's not only offended but repulsed.

"That’s even disgusting to think about possible feelings between us. He promised him to protect me in Prague while Josh is far away."

So these accusers are impugning this man's honor as much as they are Aleksandra.

Other "theories" are that it wasn't cheating, that maybe Josh is impotent or sterile or gay or whatever.

But honestly -- bullying like this always has the same motive. These people want to feel powerful by dragging down a "celebrity."

You might suggest that Aleksandra and Josh get a paternity test on camera (maybe 90 Day Fiance could foot the bill) and settle the matter that way.

You know what? They don't owe their haters anything.

They have every right to just keep living their lives.

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