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After watching Snooki get drunk and say the craziest things for several seasons on Jersey Shore, it’s still a little shocking to know that she is now a mother to two beautiful children. 

If you watch Jersey Shore online, you will know that she was at her funniest earlier in the series and that’s because she did not care what people thought of her. 

Snooki: Plastic Surgery Photo
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She was a fun-loving young adult who became famous virtually overnight because some dude punched her on reality TV. The reality TV veteran’s funniest moment, however, was when she was so drunk she did not know where the beach was. 

"Where’s the beach? Where the f–k is the beach?" became a popular catchphrase after one of Snooki’s drunken rants found her getting arrested for being drunk. 

Lorenzo, Giovanna LaValle
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It is widely expected that Snooki’s pregnancy paved the way for the demise of the hit MTV show which was one of the show’s highest rated shows ever. 

By the end, she was not drinking because she was pregnant and it was like all of her fellow roommates had grown out of the partying lifestyle, and that happens to everyone at some point. 

Snooki's Son Lorenzo
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With Snooki’s first child, Lorenzo turning five, she has taken to social media to confirm what many fans thought: Having a child completely changed her outlook on life. 

Let’s face it; her liver is probably thanking Lorenzo every other day because her partying days went the way of the flip phone. 

"Happy [fifth] birthday to my son who changed my life for the better," the 29-year-old wrote.

Snooki VMAs 2016
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"You are my world, and I’m so proud to be your mommy! I remember when I first laid eyes on you and knew I would protect you with all of my being until the day I die. I’m writing this, he’s gonna read this and say, ‘Thanks, ma.’ Stop growing and freaking me out!"

The cast of Jersey Shore reunited earlier this month for a reunion special that was slammed across the internet for spanning just over twenty minutes and being boring. 

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