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During the most recent season finale of Teen Mom: OG, thousands of fans took to social media to express their shock at what’s arguably the most controversial scene in the show’s history.

The scene showed Ryan Edwards driving to his own wedding while so high on prescription painkillers that he could barely keep his eyes open.

Mackenzie Standifer, Ryan Edwards
Photo via MTV

Edwards checked into rehab shortly after he exchanged vows with Mackenzie Standifer, and by the time the episode aired, he was already undergoing treatment.

Still, the sight of Edwards endangering his own life and the lives of others by getting behind the wheel while high caused many fans to realize that the problem was more severe than they’d initially realized, and it prompted a major backlash against MTV.

Some accused the network of exploitative practices, while others demanded that Edwards be removed from the cast, arguing that he’s clearly in no state to cope with the pressures of reality TV stardom.

The scene was filmed several months ago, and Ryan completed rehab in late June.

He issued a statement assuring fans that he was cured of his addiction, but many were skeptical that he’d been able to put his demons behind him after just a few weeks of treatment.

Ryan Edwards Image
Photo via Instagram

Now a source has spoken to Hollywood Life on Edwards’ behalf, assuring the outlet that Ryan is happier and healthier than he’s been in years.

In fact, it seems his only complaint about life these days is that his ex, Maci Bookout, is a bit too concerned about his continued sobriety:

"Ryan is doing great since leaving rehab. He seems to have finally put his demons behind him and he’s really committed to his sobriety. But Maci refuses to believe that his recovery is genuine and real," the insider says.

"It’s like she’s obsessed with him relapsing. She watches him like a hawk and is always on his back about being sober."

It seems that Ryan believes the scrutiny is making it more difficult for him to leave his past in the past.

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer Pic
Photo via Twitter

"Ryan is really frustrated. He gets it, he messed up, but he faced his issues and went and got treatment for them, and he believes that he now deserves support and the benefit of the doubt," the source adds.

"Both Ryan and Mackenzie think that Maci is trying to cause drama; they’re really over it and wish she would just move on."

It’s been rumored that Standifer has already quit the show, but it remains unclear if Edwards will return.

From the sound of things, it seems unlikely that he’ll allow his ex to "win" by quitting the series that made them both famous.

It’s an ugly situation … but it could make for some compelling television.

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