Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: New Bae

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When you start dating someone, you know you need to impress their friends to get their seal of approval. 

That thought was lost on Teairra's new man, Cisco, on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 4 Episode 3.

We picked up with the group making their way to A1's record label launch party, and Princess quickly got talking about having a baby. 

ICYMI: Ray J found out that his sperm count was meager, and that he would need to make some lifestyle changes if he had any hopes of conceiving a child. 

“If Ray and I had a baby right away I would be happy,” Princess told Alexis, but Alexis had some worries of her own. 

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She suspected that she could be pregnant and was not entirely impressed by it.

Lyrica G was also at the party and was not in the best of moods. 

“When is it going to be time for your record to come out? It looks like he is putting you on the back burner,” she asks her daughter. 

A1 then opened up about signing some other females, but Lyrica A was not having it. 

"We are not signing any other females until my record is off the ground,” she yelled. She does have a point. If her album has been in development for so long, why the hell is it not released?

Teairra Mari

We finally got an update on Teairra, who revealed that she was happy about her life with Cisco, but he did not want to meet her friends. 

The reason being that he had a bad reputation for being a player, and did not think her friends would like him. In the end, he agreed to meet them. 

We then switched gears to Safaree's launch party for his coconut oil. Brooke decided to show up and cause some drama for Jade after learning about her relationship with Marcus. 

Brooke says “Are you the one giving Marcus free legal advice?”

Jade says “Yes I am.“

Brooke replies, “I heard what you’ve been going around telling people, so I just wanted to hear it directly from you.” 

Jade tells her “I just helped him get divorced so we could be together.”  

The ladies then got heated, and Chanel stepped in to defend Jade, but Brooke stormed off. She was done with the situation. 

Later, Hazel E was working with Ray as a result of the sperm count bet, and Cisco appeared at the studio to meet with Safaree. 

Ray revealed why he was working with Hazel E before asking why Cisco was hanging around in the West. Cisco said who he was dating. 

Ray J Poses

Ray seemed shocked, and we're not quite sure why. 

Things for Ray went from bad to worse when Princess got upset about her pregnancy test coming back negative. 

You could tell it was getting to Ray that he was helpless in the situation. 

The final event of the night found Moniece grilling Cisco and asking about how he's dealing with Teairra's alcohol problems. 

When his beef with Rich and Zell were brought up, Cisco disappeared. Teairra tried to get him to return to the table, but he was out. 

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Cisco says “I’m leaving. Your decision is either you come with me, or you go back in there with them.”

Okay then. 

So, there we have it. Another episode in the can and the drama is showing no sign of slowing down. 

What did you think about all of it?

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