Rachel Lindsay: I Don't Want Peter Kraus to Find Love!

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Do you ever watch someone smart and likable think long and hard about an important decision ... only to throw sense to the wind and make the wrong choice?

If you watched last night's season finale of The Bachelorette, you absolutely have!

But even though she rejected him in a devastating breakup, Rachel Lindsay doesn't want her second choice to find love!

Rachel Lindsay in Green

After Rachel Lindsay ignored the world's advice and every ounce of common sense in her body and chose Bryan Abasolo to marry, many fans consoled themselves with the thought that Peter Kraus would be great on The Bachelor.

In fact, it seems that most are in agreement that Peter Kraus should be the next Bachelor.

Everybody except Rachel Lindsay, that is.

Multiple times during the After The Rose special last night, Rachel told Peter the same thing:

"I don't think this is for you. It's not for you."

So, what ... crushing his heart under her heel (and her own in the process during the promised brutal breakup) wasn't enough?

Twitter, as you can imagine, went off on Rachel for seeming to be determined to sabotage Peter's chances of being the next Bachelor.

You have to wonder if this was a case of: "If I can't have him, no one can!"

Rachel might not even aware of her real motives, you know?

Peter Kraus Instagram Pic

To really think about how ridiculous this is, keep in mind that this is a woman who's already happily engaged.

A woman who absolutely could have had Peter.

A fan favorite from the show, Dean Unglert, even thinks that Peter Kraus should be the next Bachelor.

Keep in mind that Dean should be the last one saying that, since Dean is also a fan favorite to star on The Bachelor.

(Though, of course, Dean and Peter are besties because of course they are)

Peter Kraus and Dean Unglert, Bromance

In all fairness, Peter Kraus did say that he was there for Rachel, not to be the next Bachelor.

But ... everybody knows that The Bachelorette is often a stepping stone for people to win over producers and viewers and become the next Bachelor.

Similarly, The Bachelor works in the same way for prospective Bachelorettes.

Plenty of people use it as a way to attract social media followers and start building their brands.

You can launch an entire reality career, within or beyond the Bachelor Nation, by starting off vying for love.

Peter said that he was on the show with the goal of winning Rachel's hand and heart, and we should take him at his word.

But that doesn't mean that he should be denied the chance to move on.

That also doesn't mean that fans and viewers should be denied the chance to watch and support him through the next phase of his journey.

Peter Kraus Pic

Whatever he does next and wherever he goes, we're sure that Peter will have endless support from his fans.

But we certainly hope that he'll get to appear on The Bachelor.

So many people want to watch his journey to find love after his heartbreak.

We will, however, understand if he decides against it.

He just went through a seriously devastating breakup on screen.

He might not be ready for for a whole series of breakups.

(That might be what Rachel Lindsay meant, after all)

But ... that should be Peter's decision, not a result of what Rachel says.

If you need a reminder of what fans think of Peter, just look at the warnings about Bryan that they tweeted to Rachel:

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