Peggy Sulahian SLAMMED by Other Real Housewives for Homophobia!

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Normally, when a Real Housewife refers to something as "horrific," you take it with a grain of salt. Or perhaps a teaspoon of salt.

In this case, though, we're talking about a woman -- Peggy Sulahian, of The Real Housewives of Orange County -- banning her brother from his own father's funeral for the worst possible reason.

Her costars are absolutely right to describe her as "disgusting."

Peggy Sulahian on Date Night

Peggy Sulahian is a newcomer to The Real Housewives of Orange County.

You might recognize her as the Real Housewife who shocked viewers when she pinched Meghan Edmonds' lips shut when Meghan and Vicki Gunvalson were having a conversation.

And that's all kinds of bizarre.

But folks don't know that much about her, yet.

From her BRAVO bio:

"Born in Kuwait to Armenian parents, Peggy Sulahian moved to the U.S. when she was one years old. She now lives a life of luxury in the exclusive Crystal Cove community with her custom wheel mogul husband Diko, and their three children -- daughters Giovanna, 19, Gianelle, 17 and son Koko, 9."

It's usually nice when a long-running reality series gets new blood.

Viewers get to see how that changes the dynamics among the Housewives, you know?

In Peggy's case, though, she's quickly making enemies -- and it's not through how she treats her castmates.

(Well, not only that way)

It's about the unspeakable way that Peggy treats her brother, Pol' Atteu.

Pol' Atteu and Patrik Simpson

Pol' Atteu is a well-known fashion designer, but he's also a writer and producer.

He and his fiance, Patrik Simpson, were besties with the late Anna Nicole Smith.

(Pol' even designed her burial gown)

RadarOnline confirmed with multiple witnesses that Peggy Sulahian banned her brother Pol' from his own father's funeral becuase Pol' is gay.

In fact, she apparently hid from Pol' that their father was ill and dying, denying Pol' a chance to see him and say goodbye.

While their parents -- who have now both passed away, as they had already lost their mother to breast cancer -- were accepting of Pol' because they loved their son, Peggy has been described as outrageously homophobic.

When Pol' arrived at his own father's funeral, Peggy apparently sought to have him removed.

There were witnesses.

Peggy Sulahian

And some Real Housewives, both present and former, have some choice words about Peggy.

Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Adrienne Maloof, spoke out about Peggy's treatment of her brother.

"What Peggy has done to her brother is absolutely horrific."

That's the right way to describe banning someone from their parent's funeral.

"It is extremely upsetting to me."

It should be upsetting to everyone.

"Her anti-gay stance is just plain disgusting. Pol’ and Patrik are wonderful, loving people."

It is 2017, but in case you wonder why so many people are still closeted and why LGBT folks stay so organized, it's because there is still so much hatred and bigotry to overcome.

Adrienne is hoping that the guilt at what Peggy has done will eat away at her.

"Peggy knows what she did, and she will have to live with that."

We wouldn't hold our breath.

Peggy Sulahian and Husband Diko

One of the witnesses who's spoken up is L.A. attorney Eileen Keussayan:

"I have known Peggy’s family since 1974 when they first came to this country."

"And I did attend Peggy’s father’s funeral. ... She made it known that her brother Pol’ and his fiancé Patrik were not welcome because they are both homosexuals."

In addition to going out of her way to try to shame them, Peggy also tried to have security oust them.

it's horrible.

Peggy also refuses to allow Pol' to have any contact with his nieces and nephew.

It's hard to imagine being that hateful, you know?

Peggy Sulahian, Hospital Bed

This is after Lisa Vanderpump, bless her, had already gone off on Peggy's blatant homophobia.

"I do not tolerate prejudice of any kind. And I have no interest in homophobia or in disgusting behavior like this. I do not condone or even acknowledge it."

Lisa Vanderpump is kind of the sort of hero that the world needs sometimes, you know?

"Any attack on the gay community is something that I take very personally."

Interesting that Peggy Sulahian doesn't seem to have a problem appearing on Bravo, a decidedly LGBT-friendly network, so long as it helps her become famous.

And speaking of Bravo ... we have to wonder what Andy Cohen's thoughts might be.

Maybe Peggy's reality career will end before it's begun.

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